‘The Nexus Event’, the fourth episode of Loki (Kate Herron, 2021), offered one of the most anticipated issues in the series: the variants of Loki. Four new faces were presented. These joined Sylvie and the Loki derived from the events of Avengers: Endgame (Joe Russo, Anthony Russo, 2019).

However, the introduction of the four new characters was not clarified during that episode. This did occur through ‘Journey Into Mystery’, a chapter through which a little more about them was known. They are Classic Loki, Kid Loki, Boastful Loki and Crocodile Loki.

In order to coincide in the void where the Time Variance Authority (TVA) deposits all the variants that it cancels, they had to have generated a Nexus event. These moments are those during which the flow of the timeline is altered, according to the criteria of the TVA. Therefore, they intervene to correct the course of that river that is time.

The Nexus events of Loki variants

The four variants of Loki are explained due to four Nexus events. To these is added another that appeared during chapter five: President Loki.

Classic Loki

He is portrayed by Richard E. Grant. Of the group of variants of Loki, this represents a major version of the current Loki, the protagonist of the series. Within the comics, this version of Loki has a darker phase in relation to others. Instead, the adaptation made for the series shows him much more thoughtful.

Part of that analytical ability explains your Nexus event. It occurred when Thanos was about to kill him. Classic Loki, instead of facing him, created a version of himself while camouflaging his raven among different debris. The result? Classic Loki survived when he shouldn’t have. He went into exile and, years later, when he wanted to rejoin an old dynamic, he was found by TVA.

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Kid loki

He is portrayed by Jack Veal. Within the variants of Loki it is the version closest to the protagonist of the story. His story, within the comics, begins when the current Loki dies: Kid Loki reincarnates him. This character’s Nexus event was to kill Thor.

None of the other variants of Loki had. This is also a twist on the character described in the comics. In them, Kid Loki uses his powers to help his loved ones; in particular, Thor.

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Boastful Loki

There was no further reference to this variant, until the fifth episode. Boastful Loki is played by DeObia Oparei. According to his own words in the series, he took it upon himself to kill Iron Man and Captain America (to later claim the Infinity Stones). Therefore, his timeline was reset.

This version of his story is questioned by Classic Loki and Crocodile Loki, who consider it to be a lie.

Crocodile Loki

If there is little information about Boastful Loki, about Crocodile Loki there is even less. Within the comments of the different variants, those who shared their stories, Boastful Loki said Crocodile Loki had eaten the wrong cat.

President Loki

Among the variants of Loki, this is an adaptation of the comic Vote Loki, published in June 2016. It is presented as a satire inspired by the American context of the time. This work was developed by Christopher Hastings. In the series, issued by Disney Plus, this character comes into conflict with the others, generating a revolt.