This actor not only confirmed that he will be present in Thor: Love and Thunder, but also revealed the character he will play in the film.

Thor: Love and Thunder will be a landmark and legend in Marvel studios For a good time. The film will be the first quarter of a solo hero. Until now, the company had only produced three films of each character, but that will have its break the rule. Again with the protagonism of Chris Hemsworth, the god of thunder will hit the big screen.

However, this production has ingredients that attract a lot of attention. After passing through the universe Star wars, this will be the second work of Taika waititi for ‘La Casa de las Ideas’ as director. The filmmaker is emerging as one of the favorites of Disney.

Also, big stars like Christian bale or Russell crowe They will also appear in the feature film, giving you much more anticipation. In the same way, the fact that the latter is going to interpret Zeus it is already something exciting for many. Yes, the Greek gods coming to the UCM It is not an everyday thing.

However, these two will not be the only great artists in between. Matt Damon, who had already appeared in Ragnarok, confirmed his reappearance this time. In turn, the actor revealed the role he will play in the film.

“I don’t know if it’s a secret or not, although everyone knows it. I went down to record. I think they figured it out because the paparazzi took photos of us so they would know what we were doing. We were repeating a cameo that we, that Luke hemsworth and I did at last. And we had a great time, so Taika [Waititi] he had us again, to replay that joke and improve it a bit “, he claimed.

Thor: Love and Thunder will premiere on May 6, 2022.