The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) is the Mexican government body in charge of ensuring that brands comply with what they offer in their products and services. The goal: to ensure that buyers, customers and consumers get what they promised.

As a rule, brands are obliged to report on the components and characteristics of what they sell and Profeco verifies that this is fulfilled.

When not, the same body exposes the brands with reports. It usually does this with reports on dairy, retail, household appliances or telecommunications services, for example.

The latest Profeco report analyzes chocolate brands, at the time of Three Kings Day.

According to the agency, it carried out tests on products from different brands of table and powder chocolate and here we present the result.

Profeco analyzes the chocolates sold in Mexico

In the analysis of 32 products, the National Consumer Protection Laboratory detected irregularities in the net content declared on the packaging, in the use of sweeteners recommended in children and not advisable legends such as “product reduced in sugar” and “has vitamins and minerals ”.

The results related to chocolate are published on the page of Profeco and in the January 2022 edition of the Consumer Magazine.

The analysis was made on 12 table chocolates (tablets), 10 powdered chocolates and 7 powders to prepare chocolate-flavored drinks, among others.

These chocolate brands comply with the consumer (and these others do not)

Profeco and chocolate: brand by brand

Moctezuma Uruapan Premium (bitter table chocolate) stands out among the rest for containing more cocoa and less sugar, says Profeco in its report.

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Kekua (table chocolate with sugar), meanwhile, does not have its nutritional declaration for every 100 ml of prepared product, so it does not comply with the regulations.

Vitamin Choco Genius (chocolate powder fortified with vitamins and minerals) does not declare trans fat or added sugars per 100 ml of prepared product or energy content per container, so it does not comply with the regulations. It also contains sweeteners and does not present the warning legend “contains sweeteners, not recommended for children.”

Golden hills adds coconut or palm fat, which is not in the types of fat allowed, even though the regulations allow the addition of 5% vegetable fat other than cocoa, it only allows six types of vegetable fat.

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