The rebound in positive cases in Europe and part of the world once again puts on the table of the different governments the imposition of confinements and greater mobility restrictions that can affect travel and displacement. These are your rights if your trip is canceled due to COVID-19.

After a few months of tranquility brought about by the advance of vaccination, the numbers of positives in COVID-19 among the unvaccinated population have skyrocketed throughout Europe and parts of the world.

East increase in cumulative incidence It suggests the arrival of a new wave that is already forcing many governments to impose confinements and tighten mobility restrictions between territories with perimeter closures, which may even cancel trips or trips as has already happened in previous waves of 2020.

From the OCU they warn that, if you already have your booked trip, and your flight is canceled or you cannot access certain areas in a package trip, you maintain a series of rights as a consumer.

Scientists assure that they have not skipped any phase to create the new vaccines for COVID-19 although the times do not coincide and it is generating doubts.

During the first wave of the pandemic, a series of exceptional measures were approved that they forced the companies to reimburse the full price of the ticket (except for additional undue expenses that must be broken down) or, alternatively, companies can offer an equivalent voucher that you can redeem later.

Acceptance of this equivalent bonus is totally optional and voluntary.Therefore, the company cannot impose it as the only alternative and it must always be accompanied by an offer to refund the amount paid.

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According to him European Regulation 261/04, lConsumers have the right to a full refund of the ticket when the company cancels the flight you were supposed to travel on. This measure does not apply exclusively to COVID-19 restrictions, but given the pandemic situation, it also applies as a good reason.

If instead of canceling the flight, what access to the destination country is canceled Without just cause and the package trip is canceled, the travel agency must also refund the amount paid.

As in the first assumption we mentioned, la travel agency can offer a voucher for the same value to redeem it later when the epidemiological situation improves, but this will always be a voluntary alternative for the consumer and in no case should it be an imposition or the only possible option.

If you decide to accept the optional equivalent voucher offered by travel agencies. You should know that this is valid for one year. If that period elapses and you have not redeemed it, you can reapply for a full refund of the amount paid for the trip. This return of the payment must be made within a period of less than 14 days.