These are the trends in false nails for this summer 2022

These are the trends in false nails for this summer 2022

More and more women are allowing themselves to be conquered by false nails -María Becerra in “La Resistencia” is a clear example-. Capable of completely transform the look and becoming the center of attention, these are governed each season by different trends. Today we show you false nail trends who are rocking it -after seeing nail trends in general-.

The fashionable length

Size does matter…and false nails look extra long. But far from the trend stopping there, it dictates that they be crowned with a square finish that provides elegance and distinction. Khloé Kardashian shows us this with each false nail design that she wears on a daily basis.

False Nails Trends 2022 04

Khloé Kardashian loves this type of false nail (Photo: Instagram @khloekardashian)

The material (or technique) that triumphs this season

Each season there is a material or a technique that triumphs over the others. Although today there is a lot of demand, the experts tell us that these are the false nails that are successful today:

  • Acrylic nails. They are created from acrylic powders and a liquid that activates them. They have to be worked very quickly as acrylic dries at room temperature. Without hesitation, they are the most successful false nails today.
  • Gel nails. They are created from gels that have the consistency of nail polish but must be dried under a UV lamp to harden the material.
  • Press-on nails. This type of nails have their placement as a key point. This technique consists of making a slight pressure, whatever the adhesion material, without generating air between the false nail and the natural nail. Only in this way will we achieve better adherence.

According to the experts “the most common false nails are those that are created from acrylic or gel (plus acrylic) since the result is more natural. Super thick nails with volume at the root are no longer worn.”

Stiletto nails, the nail shape that you like the most

Round, oval, square… There are many possibilities to design our false nails, however this summer 2022 there is one that is an unprecedented success. Although the name of Stiletto refers to a type of footwear that hit the fashion world a few years ago, now it triumphs in the beauty world. Stiletto nails are based on a long design that is characterized by a pointed shape. This finish is achieved by filing the sides to sharpen the tip and Ester Expósito let herself be conquered by them a few months ago.

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False Nails Trends 2022 02

Kylie Jenner is the ambassador of stiletto nails and always tries new colors (Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner)

The nail art Fashion

The world of false nails allows us to create dreamy nail art. With very elaborate designs that could be considered a work of art, this summer the girls in fashion have ruled that some designs stand out above the rest.

The rainbow effect is always liked

Wearing one nail of each color based on the shades of the rainbow is back in fashion. Fun and eye-catching, this trend provides a lot of versatility since we can vary shades or opt for pastel versions.

False Nails Trends 2022 01

Rainbow nails offer many possibilities (Photo: Instagram @courtneecrews)

The jewels also shine on the nails

If you are a jewel lover but you want to bet on something different, the false nails with jewels have been created for you. Exclusive, unique and different, these designs are capable of dressing us completely with their mere presence.

False Nails Trends 2022 03

Sita Abellán was one of the first to wear rhinestone piercings on her false nails (Photo: Instagram @rosalia.vt)

passion for pearls

Pearls, in the world of jewelry, are synonymous with classic elegance. Now they move to the world of false nails to maximize styling with their mere presence. Without a doubt, the best complement of this 2022.

False Nails Trends 2022 05

Kylie Jenner shows us a way to wear false nails with pearl details (Photo: Instagram @kyliejenner)

Taking care of the nails to make them look healthy and beautiful is essential, even when we wear false nails.

Photos | Instagram @rosalia.vt, @courtneecrews, @khloekardashian, @kyliejenner