Connecting it is also very easy: it has two sockets for the water inlet and another two for the outlet, so you can create a complete circuit. Afterwards, the device is able to connect via 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi and has an application compatible with both iOS and Android.

Eve Aqua: one button to dominate your garden

If the previous model on the list was easy to use, the Eve aqua it is quite similar. It only has one button on its interface, which will allow you to activate the system, or disconnect it. The rest of the controls can be carried out from its app that is compatible with HomeKit from Manzana, so it is perfect if you have an iPhone or iPad.

And that would be the easy part, but if you want to make the most of the possibilities of this device, the app shows you all kinds of water consumption data, allows you to program and schedule the watering of your plants and is compatible with voice commands Siri.

GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub: an intelligent irrigation control

To be able to control garden irrigation in an intelligent way, you can also opt for the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub. A device that offers you a 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi connection and total control from your mobile through the app.

This appliance has plenty of capacity to control up to six different water circuits and also has extra functionality to connect to a traditional automatic irrigation controller.

Orbit B-Hyve Wifi: with display

Did you think Orbit only make electric toothbrushes? Well you were wrong because its range B-Hyve houses a complete collection of garden products, among which is the B-Hyve Wifi. This model allows you to configure all the irrigation parameters of your garden from its LCD screen.

But the best thing is that it is also capable of connecting to the Wi-Fi network, so you can expand its possibilities by obtaining total control of your irrigation system in real time, as well as the possibility of programming. In addition, it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, and has an application for iOS and Android.

Irrigold Wifi: simple and practical

Another of the easiest options to use is the one proposed by the Irrigold Wifi, an irrigation system that has a single power button and a small green LED that ensures that the equipment is working. But underneath this simple interface is a practical device that will meet all your expectations.

Irrigold smart irrigation system

Its app, compatible with Android and iOS, connects through the 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi network, which allows you to carry out all kinds of programming, activate the eco function to save water or even determine when it will rain in your area to take advantage and disconnect.

Those that offer more functionalities

In this second part of the list we will analyze the models that have a greater catalog of possibilities for the gardeners more experienced. From complete irrigation systems with various accessories to the most complete apps to keep everything that happens in your garden under control.

Netro Spark: winning interface

The intelligent controller of Netro Spark It is an authentic jewel of the design. It has a very minimalist touch interface from which you can see, through icons, everything you can do with it. For example, select the different watering zones, up to a maximum of 16, or the duration of watering.

But if you really want to take advantage of it, the best option is to synchronize it with your app via 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi. This is where you can make the most of its multiple sensors, assess the status of faulty pumps and hoses, or program all their functions.

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MIYO Starter Set: total control

If you were looking for the most complete irrigation system, probably the MIYO Starter Set be for you. The set contains all the devices you need to start working in your smart garden: from a solar sensor to predict the weather in real time, to a valve to activate the passage of water.

Everything connected through a third device: a bridge Ethernet that expands the connection to make it easier for you to add it to your Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the external data collection, its app will offer you an extra valuable information that you can use to program irrigation and save on water consumption.

Aeon Matrix Yardian Pro: a powerful app

If you have more than one irrigation zone that you want to control, up to a maximum of 12, the Aeon Matrix Yardian Pro offers you a very versatile solution. The device itself can be located on any wall and there you can connect as many water pumps as you need.

According to the manufacturer, this system allows you save money up to 50% in the water consumption, thanks to irrigation scheduling. In addition, it is compatible with the main voice assistants, such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, thanks to the fact that it is also compatible with Apple’s HomeKit.

Gardena Smart: set your power

GardenaAs its name already indicates, it is one of the brands specialized in garden technology and has a wide variety of devices for automatic irrigation, from programmable to others with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. But the most complete of all is his smart irrigation system.

With it you can control up to six different irrigation zones through its app, which works for both iOS and Android. A perfect option to start with the ecosystem of the brand, since it will allow you to add pieces to achieve an authentic connected garden.

Rachio 3: intelligence to power

And we come to the end of our list with one of the irrigation systems plus smart from the entire list. The Rachio 3 offers you the possibility to water your garden effortlessly thanks to its sprinkler controller, which is able to choose the best time to feed your plants thanks to its intelligent watering schedules.

To do this, it adapts to the specific needs of your plants or grass, evaluating data such as the type of soil or exposure to the sun through its sensors. In addition, it has an app available for iOS and Android that connects easily with Alexa, Google Nest and other smart home devices.

The best smart irrigation system

The best way to have a yard in perfect condition is dedicating time and care to it. However, there are many alternatives that can make your life easier when watering your plants or lawn, as you have seen in this list.

In this sense, there are models that offer you from the most basic options to complete control of what happens in your yard. Therefore, you should ask yourself what real needs you have so as not to invest in a device that is too big for you on a day-to-day basis.

If you only want to control a few plants, maybe the system of Irrigold be one of the best in quality price. In addition, we really like that it is able to geolocate the area to save water when it rains and thus avoid overwatering.

But if you want the best of the best, the smart irrigation system from Rachio 3 It is the most complete on the market and offers you the possibility of monitoring everything that happens in your garden, no matter how large it is.