Home Update These are the seven favorite Christmas sweets of the Directo al Paladar...

These are the seven favorite Christmas sweets of the Directo al Paladar community. And the winner is…

These are the seven favorite Christmas sweets of the Directo al Paladar community.  And the winner is…

Sweets are the star of Christmas. Polvorones, marzipan, nougat … Our houses are full of tradition but What is our favorite?

We have asked from the Instagram of Direct to the Palate what were your favorite sweets and we have been overwhelmed by the response: we have received almost 300 valid votes.

You have chosen 70 different sweets, but although there are many elaborations that have received one, two or three votes, there is a clear clear winner, and, in total, seven sweets that have received many votes above the rest.

These have been yours favorite Christmas sweets:

1. Roscón de reyes: 59 points

The clear winner is the roscón de Reyes, the quintessential Christmas bun that is truly all the rage as the January 6th. There is no Spanish house that lacks, either with or without cream.

2. Polvorones: 44 points

After the roscón, another traditional spanish sweet, that strongly endures the challenge of the new nougat with impossible flavors and imported customs. Good almond polvorones are a delight, and you have made it clear that they are still the king of the tabletop tray.

3. Panettone: 33 points


Only a few years ago it would be unthinkable that the Mythical Italian Christmas Bun took the place as the third favorite Christmas sweet in Spain, but it is clear that it has conquered our hearts. Today we can find it in any supermarket and if you follow our advice you may find a good one. Of course, although it is not easy, you can also make a fantastic homemade panettone.

4. Nougat from Jijona: 32 points


Almost tied with the panettone we find another of the great Christmas hits: the Jijona or soft nougat. Twenty-four companies in Jijona (Alicante), of various sizes, account for more than 70% of the world production of this Christmas star product. The sweet, however, is quite easy to make at home following our wonderful Jijona nougat recipe.

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5. Mantecados: 13 points


Mantecados and polvorones are often confused, but although they are similar, they are not the same. In pureness, the ice cream is made only with lard, flour and sugar, and does not contain nuts. The polvorón, in addition to almonds, has toasted flour. That said, some of the most famous mantecados, such as the classic Felipe II, do have almonds.

6. Marzipan: 18 points

Horizontal Marzipan

The mythical sweet of Toledo origin, is one of the most perverted at an industrial level. Given your high almond content, we find many bad versions, which are adulterated with potato. But when a marzipan is good, it is a delight, as our readers well recognize. It is also possible, although not easy, to make a good homemade marzipan.

7. Chocolate nougat: 18 points

Chocolate Nougat

Although there are those who defend that the chocolate nougat is not nougat, The truth is that this preparation is a Christmas classic, either in its version with nuts, such as praline or with puffed rice.

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