What do I need to be able to enter the Mexican Grand Prix?

To enter the event you must be over 4 years old and all require personal access ticket, only one person per seat.

All attendees must have proof of vaccination against COVID-19 with the completed vaccination schedule, in addition to this, it is a requirement to present a negative coronavirus test (PCR or antigens) carried out by a private laboratory, carried out in the last 72 hours prior to the event. The name of the attendee must match in all cases.

Anyone with a temperature higher than 37.5 ° C will be denied access

In the case of minors, it is possible to present any identification issued by a public or private institution (or a copy of their birth certificate accompanied by the official identification of one of the parents accompanying them), as long as the name is the The same proof or certificate of vaccination (if applicable). Vaccination vouchers and tests issued by authorized entities abroad will be valid, specifies the official page of the event.

For attendees who come from other parts of Mexico and abroad, it is recommended that they present a negative proof of COVID-19In case of not doing it, schedule an appointment for this test in a local laboratory, since it is possible the saturation of these in the Mexican capital.

Make your access simpler

For this event they created a new modality to make access faster, call Fast pass , with this you can preload the assistant’s data to facilitate access and avoid unnecessary crowds for access to the racetrack.

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Attendees who have a complete COVID-19 vaccination certificate (national or international) issued by an authorized entity, either national or foreign, as well as those who have the test (PCR or antigens) done in one of the laboratories private affiliated to the race, where they will have to upload the digital file of the vaccination certificate or the proof of their test with a negative result to obtain a certified access code ( F1 Fast Pass ) and thus reduce concentrations in the processes of entry to the property. The page of the Grand Prix of Mexico will have the possibility of registering as of October 1, so that you only have to share your negative coronavirus test on the platform.

This is what the ticket consists of when you have all your documentation, tickets and accessories:

  • QR code registration of Mexico City, this serves to have a database of attendees.
  • Temperature check and use of face masks.
  • Presentation of F1 Fast Pass (those who have made such registration) or review of the COVID-19 vaccination certificate or test (PCR or antigen) from a private laboratory with a negative result and taken within the previous 3 days
  • Placement of “sanitary filter” bracelet (there will be identified bracelets to give access on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
  • Ticket scan.
  • Security review.
  • Antibacterial gel placement.