These are the platforms where video games have been played the most in 2021

These are the platforms where video games have been played the most in 2021

If yesterday we knew the games that have been completed the most and those that have been abandoned the most this year, now, the HowLongToBeat portal has revealed the list of platforms where video games have been played the most in 2021. For those who do not know, this page collects from the players the duration of the games based on the time they dedicate to each one, which has made it possible to offer such striking results at the end of the year.

If the year 2020 meant the arrival of new consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | Yes, this year we have continued to see how the shortage of stock (which will last until 2022) has prevented many players from being able to get their long-awaited console or have had to deal with a long wait until they get one. However, the portal has revealed that PC is the platform that has been played the most this year, followed by PlayStation 4 in second place and the successful Nintendo Switch in third. In its first full year of life, PS5 is the fourth most played platform, while Xbox is the fifth.

The tweet has already started a heated debate among the followers of the consoles, because after all the list offers striking data such as that PS3 has been more played than Xbox Series this year. However, it must be taken into account that the portal makes this series of lists based on the data provided by its almost 345,000 users, so although it is a high number of records provided with which the information is managed, it does not end up being a maximum reality that could be proven for sure.

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It remains to be seen if the promising 2022 video game releases will drive next-gen consoles to be the most widely used. However, that GTA V continues to be one of the best-selling games month after month is only a sign of how past-generation consoles continue to perform at full capacity.

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