The arrival of Windows 10X seems to remove the foundations when it comes to design, even in Windows 10. If we saw the new icons on which they were working for the first time in March , now new forms for icons have come to light and Microsoft shortcuts.

And if at that time the icons and their new design reached the UWP applications of Windows 10, now the Fluent Design touch begins to be deployed in the Win32 applications, as is the case of the new Edge based on Chromium.

From angles to curves

These are the new icons with a Fluent Design touch that Microsoft will launch for the new Chromium-based Edge

In order to make it easier to use and better integrate with the operating system and its overall aesthetic, Microsoft changes the shapes of its icons. From a flat and monochromatic design, they plan a jump to rounded shapes and with greater depth so that the distinction is facilitated regardless of the theme used.

It goes from angular shapes to rounded corners, something that can be seen in the new “Tab” icon in Edge that now has rounded edges. And it is only the first step, since this redesign should reach other sections such as favorites, navigation bar, menu, configuration page …

It is the first step, since this deployment is divided into two phases, the second being dedicated to updating the Microsoft Edge icons but for advanced functions within the browser.

For now, the new design is in the testing phase and we do not know when Microsoft will dare to launch the new aesthetic for the interface with rounded corners.