These are the new CDC guidelines for the use of face masks

These are the new CDC guidelines for the use of face masks

For just over two years, a change has been registered throughout the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then nothing has been the same and even the smallest aspects of life have changed. At the same time, the information is constantly updated based on the new evidence that is obtained. With this in mind, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published new guidelines for the use of face masks.

Changes of thought that have existed

In that sense, this little garment has been the protagonist of the health emergency. It should only be remembered that during the first months it was even said that only sick people should carry it so as not to trust others. Soon there was a change of thinking and from then on it is recommended that absolutely everyone should protect their faces to reduce the probability of contagion.

Now, in the middle of last year there was strong controversy. It was all because the CDC itself recommended that the use of face masks in people with a complete vaccination schedule was no longer necessary. Although due to the increase in cases and reinfections, it had to be retracted.

While for this beginning of 2022 it was published a statement with new indications. From the most recent studies the best forms of protection were identified. In addition, the age at which the use of masks should begin is also mentioned.

In this regard, the health authority indicates that the use of face masks is a fundamental public health tool to prevent the spread of Covid-19. It is also important to remember that any mask is better than none. Although the truth is that there are some that provide greater protection than the others.

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The worst and best models

On the one hand, cloth masks are the least indicated because they do not offer optimal protection. Based on the analysis, it has been observed that they allow the entry of particles and that is quite dangerous.

Instead, N95 masks are the ones that protect the best if they are placed properly. The most important thing is not to leave gaps in the arch of the nose or in the area of ​​the cheeks.

People at higher risk

However, the updated guidelines on the use of face masks indicate that a high-protection mask may be more important for certain situations of higher risk. The list includes the following:

  • When you care for a patient with Covid-19.
  • When you are on a plane or public transport, especially for a long period.
  • When you work in a position where you are in contact with many people, especially when not everyone is wearing a mask.
  • When you don’t have the complete vaccination schedule.
  • If you have a risk factor for serious illness, such as a weakened immune system or certain medical conditions.
  • When you are in a crowded public place, whether outdoors or indoors.

Similarly, the new indications mention that the use of face masks in children under two years of age is not recommended. While in the rest it can never be missing. In addition, the CDC also shares some tips to increase the level of protection.

  • Wear two masks (one cloth over another disposable).
  • Combining a cloth or disposable mask with a fitter.
  • Fold and tuck the excess material of disposable masks under the edges.
  • Wear masks that are fastened behind the head and neck with elastic bands or ties (instead of the ears).