These are the most affectionate breeds (according to a study)

These are the most affectionate breeds (according to a study)

Independent, cold, calculating… Cats are a animal companion that over the years have gained a very bad reputation. But far from being true, it is just a baseless myth. Affable, affectionate and faithful to their owner, AnimalWised wanted to put an end to these gossip by making a list of the most affectionate cat breeds. If you are a cuddly person who is recently thinking about having a cat, this list might interest you.


Here is one of the most popular feline breeds. With long, silky and exuberant fur, the Persian cat is very showy. It is perfect for relaxed and very calm families since this animal is very calm and docile.

Affectionate Cats Breeds Persian

Persians are one of the most acclaimed breeds (Photo: EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA for Pexels)

exotic cat

Here is one of the most affectionate breeds with the family. With a meek and sociable character, he does not take being alone very well. Its complexion is very similar to that of the Persian cat, however its fur is short. Loyal, calm and affectionate, they rarely meow. In addition, this type of cat gets along well with the other animals in the house.

Breeds Affectionate Cats Exotic

This breed usually gets along with the other animals in the house (Photo: iStock)


Meek and affectionate, he loves being held so much that he is able to relax his muscles to the maximum (and totally looking like a rag doll, hence his nomenclature). Of large and strong proportions, its fur is silky and dense. Coming from England, they are characterized by their docile character. In addition, they love their owners and do not like to be alone.

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Loving Cat Breeds Ragdoll

Ragdoll cats are usually tame and affectionate (Photo: Ariannatarchini for Wikimedia Commons)


Affectionate and with a lot of patience, this breed becomes the ideal one if we have children in the family. With a lively and very curious temperament, this cat is intelligent and capable of communicating with humans. Originally from Thailand, its coat is a pale main color throughout the body, except for the area of ​​​​the nose, ears, legs and tail, which is much darker.

Affectionate Cat Breeds Siamese

Siamese have a very distinctive coat (Photo: Анна Кухарчук for Pexels)

Maine Coon

Widely popular in the United States, Maine Coon cats stand out for being extremely social and affectionate. Giant in size, unlike most cats, they love water. This type of breed can live with other pets. With tufts that appear at the tips of the ears, its fur is long and abundant.

Breeds Affectionate Cats Main Coon

This breed is very popular in the United States (Photo: Amber Kipp for Pexels)

Scottish Fold

Adorable, this is the appearance of this breed of cat that is presented with its ears folded forward and down. Friendly and nice, these types of cats adapt very easily. It likes caresses and pampering, which is why it becomes a great option for families with children.

Affectionate Cats Breeds Scotish Fold

Scottish Folds love petting and cuddles (Photo: Tranmautritam for Pexels)

This study carried out by AnimalWised also adds the Burmese cat, the Bombay, Havana and the common cat to the list.

Main photo | Anna Shvets

Photos | EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA, iStock, Ariannatarchini, Анна Кухарчук, Amber Kipp, Tranmautritam