In the same way that the Xbox Game Pass catalog adds new games every few weeks, such as the arrival of Microsoft Flight Simulator and The Ascent among the Xbox Game Pass games at the end of July, among others, too. some titles are leaving to make way for new releases. The number or importance of these games depends on each month, in this case, it is three games that will leave the Micrpspft service at the end of July.

Specifically, these three games will be available until next July 31, last day that they can be downloaded and played for free, as long as you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass, of course. Is about It Lurks Below, The Touryst and UnderMine, three independent proposals very different from each other that have proven to be as interesting as they are original. If you want, you have until the end of the month to enjoy them or buy them forever with a discount for being subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

It Lurks Below

Developed by Graybeard Games, It Lurks Below is a Action RPG with survival elements. The title takes place in a randomly generated world, and at the start of the game, there are several classes to choose from: bard, cleric, sorcerer, necromancer, paladin, rogue, warrior, and mage. In terms of game modes, there are four: Creative, Descent, Survival, and Hardcore. Regardless of the mode, you have to explore the world, face all kinds of monsters, and find items. Your mission is to solve a mystery that is in the depths.

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The Touryst

Delve into Monument Islands, a dream place that you can explore while diving into an adventure like no other. Shin’en Multimedia’s title is a action adventure game where you have to discover exotic islands and explore, not only ancient monuments, but also mines and secret passages. However, not everything is exploring. Going shopping, dancing or surfing are other activities that you can carry out. The Touryst is optimized for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One X. When playing, the game has texts in Spanish.

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It is a roguelike with elements of action and adventure developed by Thorium and distributed by Torio. In this title the player takes the role of a miner who delves into different places exploring to discover new things and secrets, but in the course of his investigation he comes across different obstacles and enemies, so he will have to defend himself to survive.

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While as many Xbox Game Pass games came out last month, in the coming months, the service will feature major releases like Psychonauts 2, Forza Horizon 5, and Halo Infinite. As well as new narrative games by Microsoft, which will arrive for the next few years. We will see how they surprise with those of Redmond now that they have 23 development studios, after the purchase of Bethesda, and all their games will go to Xbox Game Pass at launch.