The arrival of a new collection of games to Xbox Game Pass, always means the output of other titles from this service. Although this time we do not have a list that is likely to affect users, it’s a shame to say goodbye to these experiences.

On this occasion, the Xbox site mentions that the following games will no longer be available on September 31. However, this day does not exist. This was clearly a mistake, and surely the date in question is September 30. Check out the list below:

Drake hollow (Cloud, Console and PC)

Ikenfell (Cloud, Console and PC)

Night in the woods (Cloud, Console and PC)

Kathy rain (Pc)

Warhammer Vermintide II (Cloud and Console)

As always, you can buy any of these games in the Microsoft Store with a 20% discount, in order to continue your game without problems. You can see the list of new games for Xbox Game Pass here.


Via: Xbox

These are the games that leave Game Pass

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