Taking advantage of the ingredients that are in season in each season of the year is always recommended and can provide us with the nutrients that the body needs most in the months that we travel. Therefore, we show you the foods that can not be missing in your shopping cart during the fall and 75 recipes to add to your usual table.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables

Between the Fruits and vegetables that we recommend adding to your shopping cart during these months of the year, as they find an excellent price-quality ratio in the market, they are:

Cabbages: sources of vitamin C, minerals and fiber

Cabbages are a very large group of foods made up of broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, red cabbage and others that are excellent sources of fiber and plant proteins for the body as well as, they concentrate vitamin C, vegetable calcium, potassium and other components with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

They are vegetables with high satiating power and with low carbohydrate content, therefore, they favor the achievement of a light and quality diet that can help us when we lose weight.

We recommend with cabbages, dishes such as salads, stir-fries, creams, soups, hamburgers, meatballs, or omelettes, stews, pancakes or even a low-carb bread.

Pumpkin and carrot, source of carotenes and antioxidants

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The pumpkin like the carrots They are vegetables that find their best production season during these months, despite the fact that they can be available for purchase all year round.

They are a source of potassium in high proportions, vegetable calcium as well as carotenes, vitamin A and other components with an antioxidant effect on the body.

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These are vegetables with quality hydrates and with a considerable proportion of natural sugars that allow to sweeten preparations healthily.

Thus, we can prepare with pumpkin and carrots, stir-fries, warm salads, pancakes, sweet fitness cakes, cookies, hamburgers, meatballs or a cake without sugar or a low-carb bread based on these seasonal vegetables.

Swiss chard and spinach, a source of iron and vegetable calcium

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Green leaves like Swiss chard and spinach they are of excellent quality during the fall and are a light alternative to add beneficial nutrients to our dishes.

Both chard and spinach are potassium source, vitamin A, carotenes, iron of vegetable origin, calcium and vitamins of group B, among which the folic acid.

After adequate washing, we can use these seasonal vegetables to make muffins, salads, appetizers, pancakes, hamburgers, cakes or empanadas, juices, stir-fries, omelettes or toasts.

Pomegranate, packed with antioxidants

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It is a fruit that we enjoy very few months a year and therefore, we cannot stop incorporating it into the shopping cart, to later enjoy it in our diet this season.

It constitutes an excellent source of antioxidants as well as potassium for the body, and due to its richness in fiber, satiates easily while offering a minimum of vitamin C, iron and copper.

The grenade It can be added fresh and without cooking to different dishes such as a salad, a carpaccio, a sandwich, a tartare with prawns and avocado, a few glasses of yogurt for an aperitif, a pan of pomegranate and eggs or a sorbet for warmer days .

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Persimmon or persimmon, source of various minerals


Persimmon is an ideal fruit to add to our diet during these months of the year and stands out for its content in various minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, copper, magnesium and zinc.

It is also an excellent source of fiber and natural sugars and vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamins of group B and vitamin C.

With persimmon or percimon We can make a salad, a cake, some crunchy balls for desserts, or a toast suitable for snacks or breakfasts.

Mushrooms and mushrooms, ideal for fall


All mushrooms and fungi are produced in higher proportions during the fall and are excellent source of water and vegetable proteins with a low content of hydrates.

They also offer potassium and some copies stand out for their content in plant-based iron.

With mushrooms and mushrooms We can prepare various dishes such as scrambled eggs, a salad, a stir fry, a pate, a carpaccio, stews, a comforting cream or, we can serve them filled, as part of a sauce or in a frittata or omelette that is very easy to make.

Fresh and seasonal fish

As well as there are fresh fruits and vegetables that we get at a good price ratio. quality for these months, there are also fish that are available in greater proportions during the fall and that therefore, we can incorporate with great freshness to our table:

Dorada, a source of healthy fats


It is one of the fish that finds its best season during the fall and that has a high proportion of unsaturated fats, among which the Omega 3.

At the same time, it offers quality proteins in appreciable proportions and provides potassium, phosphorus and calcium in no lesser quantities.

With golden We can prepare dishes such as a bream stuffed with mushrooms, a bream and prawn ceviche, a bream en papillote in the microwave, a bream roasted on the grill, bream to Marseille or some bream cakes.

Red mullets, high in protein and low in fat

Red mullet

Another of the fish that are in season during the fall are red mullets, lean protein source for the body.

With mullet We can make a rice-based dish, low-temperature mullet loins, baked red mullets, skewers for the aperitif or some red mullet in papillote with couscous, ideal for a complete meal.

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Swordfish or emperor fish, ideal for obtaining vitamin D


The emperor or swordfish is another sin that we cannot stop adding fresh to our diet during the autumn and it results excellent source of protein with minimal healthy fat, as well as a recommended alternative to incorporate vitamin D to our usual diet.

With swordfish or emperor We can prepare a grilled breaded swordfish, Sicilian emperor or simply grilled to accompany various garnishes.

Nuts: sources of healthy fats, fiber and vegetable proteins

Dried fruit

Although we can find these foods throughout the year, it is in autumn when they are abundant and in perfect condition for purchase.

Thus, for these months we recommend taking advantage of nuts various such as almonds, walnuts, pistachios, chestnuts, hazelnuts or pine nuts that are excellent sources of healthy fats, plant proteins, and fiber.

These ingredients can be incorporated into the usual table with preparations such as cookies, bars, salads, cakes, stir-fries, stews, appetizers, muffins or pancakes for breakfast.

These are the foods that we recommend are not missing in your shopping cart during the fall and 75 recipes to add them to your usual table.

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