These are the five best honeys that we can find in the supermarket, according to the OCU

These are the five best honeys that we can find in the supermarket, according to the OCU

Honey can probably be one of the most demonized foods both in the fitness sector and in any population sector. This is because honey has large amounts of sugar. Even so, not for that reason it has to be a bad food per se.

always have to see the context of the person and individualize each food. It is not the same for a sedentary person to eat large amounts of honey for breakfast as for an endurance athlete to use honey to facilitate replenishment of glycogen stores.

When buying honey you have to be very careful because on occasion it may have been adulterated with sugar to lower costs. In fact, according to the OCU and the COAG there is a great deception among honey consumers because they do not allow their origin to be known. According to the OCU, “consumers deserve to be able to trust that what is said on labels It is the reality about the origin of the products, beyond tricks or legal artifices to change their nationality.”


Best honeys according to the OCU

Given all these attempts at deception, the OCU has decided to analyze a lot of milflores honey, which is what is currently sold in the markets.

The five best valued honeys are the following:

  1. AUCHAN SELECTION (ALCAMPO). MULTIFLOWER HONEY. PDO ALCARRIA: This ALCAMPO honey has been selected as the best honey on the market. It has a score of 88/100 and a price of €10.84/kg
  2. FROM OUR LAND (CARREFOUR) MULTIFLORAL. PGI HONEY FROM GALICIA: CARREFOUR multifloral honey has been selected as the second best honey with a score of 85/100 and a price of €13.64/kg
  3. EROSKI SELEQTIA MULTIFLORAL HONEY. PDO HONEY FROM LA ALCARRIA: This time we are left with the EROSKI brand to point out its honey as the third best honey. Like the previous one, it has a score of 85/100 and a price of €12.68/kg
  4. EL APICULTOR – HONEY FROM SPAIN FLOWER HONEY: We came in fourth place with a score of 75/100 and a price of €13.94/kg
  5. MARIBEL (LIDL) FLOWER HONEY: Finally we moved on to fifth place with a LIDL honey that, like the previous honey, has a score of 75/100 and a price of €4.98/kg

What is the difference between the honeys

Within the honeys, we find different types. There are multiflower honeys made by bees from the nectar of the flowers of various plant species. The most common plant species are rosemary, chestnut, lavender, heather, etc. On the other hand, there are monofloral honeys which, as their name suggests, is honey made from the nectar of a single plant species.

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On the other hand, there are honeys that are made from sugar exuded from some plants like oak. And, finally, we have honey such as that of the fir tree, which comes from secretions left by insects on plants.

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