These are the Civil Guard’s recommendations if you get stuck in your car by the snow | Motor

These are the Civil Guard’s recommendations if you get stuck in your car by the snow |  Motor

The Civil Guard launches a series of tips in case you end up being trapped in your car by the snow.

Christmas is over but winter is not, and there is an alert for low temperatures in much of the country, with wind and snow forecasts for the next few hours, so you have to be cautious when taking the car during this weekend of week.

That is why the Civil Guard has wanted to make a recommendation through its official Twitter channel in case we get trapped in the car by the snow, a phenomenon that already happened last year with the storm Filomena and that paralyzed the entire country for several days.

And it is that if we get stuck in our vehicle in the middle of the snow, we must take a series of recommendations to safeguard our health, and our vehicle can help us in this regard.

Thus the Civil Guard has created an infographic where they recommend that if we get trapped by the snow we must follow 9 commandments and that they will help us to have good ventilation of the vehicle to avoid poisoning by combustion gases, and avoid falling into hypothermia, among others.

The tips are as follows:

  • Staying inside the car
  • We must keep the engine running
  • Vehicle heater on
  • You must not fall asleep
  • The indoor air must be renewed frequently
  • You must check that the exhaust pipe outlet is free
  • Stay informed via radio or mobile phone
  • If you leave the car, you must signal it
  • And obviously in case of any emergency call 112
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In any case, the best recommendation in this regard for any type of snowstorm is not to take the vehicle and opt for public transport, if possible.