Some brands will have few products in the next edition of the Good End, which will take place between November 11 and 17.

Since 2011, one of the most anticipated moments for brands and consumers is, without a doubt, the arrival of the Good End, a kind of showcase that somehow begins with the avalanche of end-of-year purchases and which, in theory, presents great deals for people.

This year, due to the pandemic that has shaken the entire world since 2020, there are some shortage problems for some brands, which is why, on the Good End of this 2021, it is estimated that there will be fewer products for consumers .

Specifically, sports brands such as Nike and Adidas are the ones that face the most shortage problems, due to the closures in China and Vietnam. Given this, the inventory is expected to be reduced between 30 and 40 percent.

Of course, taking into account the current situation, some companies, such as Liverpool, began to advance some orders, although, as we already mentioned, there is probably a significant shortage of these sports brands, the two market leaders.

In a conference with analysts, Enrique Güijosa, the company’s chief financial officer, explained the following:

“We have advanced our purchase orders as much as possible for some categories and products that use semiconductors, such as desktops, laptops and cell phones, to ensure the amount of product we need and we feel that we are doing well, in general.”

The manager also pointed out that, for now, the company will be relying on its delivery model through Click and Collect, an online purchase and store collection model that has been a trend in recent months.

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The Click and Collect system allows users to locate the store where they can find the product they are looking for. It should be noted that this service is available throughout the country.

Of course, these are difficult times for consumers, who, in the midst of a pandemic that, although it is going through a healthier moment, continues to exist, are in search of habits that allow them to carry out their purchases in the best possible way.

The arrival of Covid-19, undoubtedly represented a change in the purchasing method, focusing more on eCommerce and, now, with the one presented by Click and Collect.

In this sense, according to the company’s executive, Liverpool has grown by up to 50 percent the talent in the digital areas.

“We are very proud of this, there are many advantages in the technology and we have to experiment with it. We need to continue learning from these companies to evolve in Liverpool ”, he expressed.

The scenario for the Good End of this year is still uncertain, even though the measures regarding Covid-19 have relaxed a bit, thanks, in large part, to the advancement of the vaccination plan in the country.

However, it is clear that the effects of the pandemic remain an issue and that is the reason why brands such as Nike and Adidas will be presenting fewer products.

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