These are the best episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen

These are the best episodes of Jujutsu Kaisen

jujutsu kaisen It is considered one of the best anime of recent years. The MAPPA adaptation has given us a great look at the adventures starring Yuji Itadori and the rest of the first-year class of the Tokyo school of witchcraft. With Jujutsu Kiasen 0 already in theaters internationally, and a second season planned for 2023, this is the right time to remember the past 24 episodes of the animeand find out which is the best of the first season, all according to IMDb.

5-. tomorrow (season one, episode 13) 9.4

The climax of this arc presents us with the outcome of the fight between Mahito, one of the most powerful demons that the anime has shown us, and Yuji and Nanami. Not only is the animation top notch, with the invocation of Mahito’s domain taking the cake this time, but this chapter makes it clear that our protagonist will not always be able to keep the promise he made to his grandfather before he died, since that saving everyone is not a guarantee. Alongside this, the sorcerer techniques demonstrated by our two heroes make it clear their level compared to the evil forces of this world.


4-. To You, Someday (season one, episode 12) 9.5

Throughout this arc, we are introduced to Yoshino, a student who has the potential to be a great sorcerer. However, his relationship with Mahito corrupts his worldview, seeking revenge on his bullies rather than protect the community. Fortunately, his relationship with Yuji begins to redirect him down the path of good. However, this friendship is short, since the villain in turn gets in the way, putting an end to Yoshino’s life, something that Yuji does not like. While the next episode is mostly action-focused, here we see an emotional conclusion, a rather sad one, to what we’ve seen unfold in previous episodes.

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3-. BlackFlash (season one, episode 19) 9.5

After the demon known as Hanami infiltrated the sorceress school while a school tournament was taking place, the students were unable to withstand this surprise attack. Fortunately, Yuji and Aoi Todo, who at that time became best friends, manage to stop this villain with a series of high level techniques. Not only was Todo’s Boogie Woogie handled wonderfully in the anime, but Yuji’s Black Flash technique was quite the visual spectacle. Without a doubt, this confrontation does deserve the recognition of the best fight that it won in the previous Crunchyroll awards.


two-. accomplices (season one, episode 24) 9.5

The last episode of the first season introduces us to Yuji and Nobara Kugisaki, a fellow first year, in a fight against two special class demons, something that puts the lives of our protagonists at risk. However, Yuji’s poison resistance as well as Kugisaki’s cursed technique turned out to be perfect for this occasion, showing that this duo is more than ready to give their lives to protect the world from any villain. Once again, the animation is top notch, and the portrayal of the characters, especially Kugisaki’s, shines through and makes it clear why this anime is so popular.


1-. non-standard (season one, episode 20) 9.7

The end of the Goodwill Event arc not only gives us more of the spectacular fight between Hanami, Yuji and Todo, with the Boogie Woogie power finally revealed to the viewer, but Gojo’s appearance to conclude this confrontation is something that excited everyone. the fans. So far, this is the chapter that best encapsulates everything that the anime of jujutsu kaisen. Great animated moments. Extremely interesting techniques that are used by this means. First level characters who steal the attention of the public. Taking into consideration the events that we will see in the second season, it is more than certain that these fundamentals will be expanded next year.


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