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These are the best deals on running shoes and sportswear with discounts of 30%

These are the best deals on running shoes and sportswear with discounts of 30%

From May 26 to June 8 we can get hold of sportswear and footwear with discounts of 30%. El Corte Inglés has its top discount promotion with which we can renew our wardrobe for the summer to stay in shape. In this article we propose some of the most interesting offers that we have found.

Women’s sports t-shirts

Puma Run Cloudspun T-Shirt

A garment for any athlete who wants to push their limits. It has the technology cloudspun Y drycell to favor a fit and ample freedom of movement in our physical exercise. No training will be impossible with this Puma shirt. Its price is €34.95 €24.45.

Women's Run Cloudspun T-shirt Puma

Women’s Run Cloudspun T-shirt Puma

Adidas Primeblue Designed 2 Move Sport 3-Stripes T-Shirt


An elegant and casual look that is breathable and prepared to achieve our best marks in training. This tank top is designed with the fabric Aeroready that favors ventilation to help us stay fresher and drier. It has recycled fabric, an important detail to take care of the planet. It has a price of €27.95 €19.55.

adidas Primeblue Designed 2 Move Sport 3-Stripes Women's T-Shirt

adidas Primeblue Designed 2 Move Sport 3-Stripes Women’s T-Shirt

Roxy Eceg T-shirt


This 100% organic cotton t-shirt will allow us to train freely while providing a soft touch, especially for all the women who other fabrics bother you by chafing. It has a classic cut with a mix of colors that make it suitable for the most daring women in the gym. Its price is €29.99 €20.99.

Eceg Roxy Women's T-shirt

Eceg Roxy Women’s T-shirt

Under Armor Sportstyle T-shirt


Heat waves and rising temperatures have already arrived in Spain. To face them we need a t-shirt like this one from Under Armor that is from fast dry. Its fabric allows the shirt to be soft and light, an all-in-one to be able to give everything in our most demanding sessions. Its price is €25.95 €18.15.

Women's Under Armor Sportstyle T-shirt

Women’s Under Armor Sportstyle T-shirt

Women’s sports tights and pants

Adidas TF 3S TIGHT Tights


These tights provide a feeling of unparalleled comfort, as well as an ideal fit to be able to focus on running one more kilometer or performing one more repetition. your technology Aeroready will take care of transpire heat and evaporate sweat more easily for the most intense workouts. Its price is €49.95 €34.95.

adidas TF 3S TIGHT Women's Tights

adidas TF 3S TIGHT Women’s Tights

Roxy Interstellar Disco Leggings


Some 3/4 tights to face our training session with all the guarantees. Its high waist allows a support that enhances the figure, while avoiding chafing in the hip area. It has an elastic and resistant fabric that will allow us to perform any yoga position or movement that stretches the tights, such as deep squats. Its price is €55.99 €39.19.

Women's Interstellar Disco Leggings Roxy

Women’s Interstellar Disco Leggings Roxy

Boomerang Mesh

screenshot 1

Pleasant tights in contact with the skin and for an ideal quality price. Its stamped design offers us a daring look, which is also comfortable and adaptable to any movement we make in our workouts. Its price is €24.95 €17.45.

Boomerang Women's Mesh

Men’s Sports T-Shirts

Puma Power Colorbloc T-Shirt

screenshot 2

Are you looking for a t-shirt with a good design and that allows you a high performance? This Puma sports line adds a touch of color to your gym sessions without losing a casual look. It has a price of €25.95 €18.15.

Men's T-shirt Power Colorbloc Puma

Men’s T-shirt Power Colorbloc Puma

Under Armor Curry Printed T-Shirt

screenshot 3

Training shirts don’t have to be sassy. This Under Armor design cotton and polyester blend so that, as its text says, you can do all the things in your training. One tends to look “unpretty” when doing burpees, so at least our shirt will be “pretty”. It has a price of €34.95 €24.45.

Men's Curry Printed T-Shirt Under Armor

Men’s Curry Printed T-Shirt Under Armor

Adidas T-shirt

screenshot 4

Made from high-performance recycled materials, this t-shirt is will adapt perfectly to all movements, like a pull-up or a deadlift. As we progress in training we begin to accumulate sweat, but thanks to technology Aeroready We’ll keep that sweat away. It has a price of €37.95 €26.55.

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adidas men's t-shirt

adidas men’s t-shirt

Adidas Gradient T-shirt

screenshot 5

This t-shirt is unique thanks to its gradient print. It is useful for any training, whether strength or resistance, thanks to its properties breathable that guarantee freshness in our body throughout the session. Its price is €44.95 €31.45.

adidas Men's Gradient T-shirt

adidas Men’s Gradient T-shirt

Men’s Sports Shorts

Puma Train Woven Shorts

screenshot 6

You’ll be able to get the most out of every workout with the innovative technology of Puma’s shorts. They have an adjustable fit with ergonomic lines that allow us to complete freedom of movement. The meshes located in strategic places will provide adequate ventilation. They are priced at €39.95 €27.95.

Puma Train Woven Men's Shorts

Puma Train Woven Men’s Shorts

Under Armor Curry Shorts

screenshot 7

Soft, light and breathable: these are the main characteristics that define these shorts. your material evaporates sweat and keeps us dry. The anti-odor technology prevents the formation of microbes that cause bad odours. Its price is €49.95 €34.95.

Men's Under Armor Curry Shorts

Men’s Under Armor Curry Shorts

Shorts Adidas BOS PB SH

screenshot 8

Feel the freedom in each of your strides both in the gym and on the run thanks to these super comfortable pants. They can be adapted to our liking and have the seal prime blue that takes care of the planet manufacturing clothing from plastics from the ocean. Its price is €49.95 €34.95.

adidas BOS PB SH Men's Shorts

adidas BOS PB SH Men’s Shorts

Women’s Running Shoes

Nike Winflo 8

screenshot 9

Some shoes that guarantee us cushioning and comfort in our training and resistance tests. The technology Flywire It provides perfect support and the design of the sole gives us a soft reactivity in each stride. They are priced at €99.95 €69.95.

Nike Winflo 8 Women's Running Shoes

Nike Winflo 8 Women’s Running Shoes

Puma Deviate Nitro WTR

screenshot 10

Puma has introduced different technologies in its shoes such as the pumagrip which provides traction on all surfaces, making these shoes a very safe option. The Nitrofoam of the midsole gives us high-quality cushioning and reactive energy to improve our marks in the race €169.95 €118.95.

Puma Deviate Nitro WTR Women's Running Shoes

Puma Deviate Nitro WTR Women’s Running Shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

screenshot 11

If you are looking for one of Nike’s jewelry at a great discount, this is an excellent option. Nike’s reactive energy has become one of the best on the market, offering us a extra help with every stride that will make us break all our records. Its price is €159.95 €111.95.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Women's Running Shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Women’s Running Shoes

Under Armor Charged Breeze

screenshot 13

Running in summer is not an easy task, but it can be more bearable with these extremely breathable shoes that favor ventilation and sweat evaporation. The midsole offers us maximum durability and reactivity thanks to its materials located in strategic areas. They are priced at €89.95 €62.95.

Women's Charged Breeze Running Shoes Under Armor

Women’s Charged Breeze Running Shoes Under Armor

Men’s Running Shoes

Charged Rogue 3 Under Armor

screenshot 15

These Under Armor running shoes provide the perfect balance between comfort and responsiveness. The technology Charged Cushioning absorbs the impacts of each stride and gives us energy back for the next stride. Its price is €79.95 €55.95.

Men's Charged Rogue 3 Running Shoes Under Armor

Men’s Charged Rogue 3 Running Shoes Under Armor

Under Armor Charged Breeze

screenshot 16

Highly durable shoes due to the pads located in areas of greater abrasion. Count with one internal button that allows us to adjust the shoe to be very comfortable in our resistance training. Its price is €89.95 €62.95.

Men's Charged Breeze Running Shoes Under Armor

Men’s Charged Breeze Running Shoes Under Armor

Kelme Cushion Barcelona

screenshot 17

If you are a runner looking for a pair of shoes resistant, light and comfortable Without great technology for a low price, these shoes from Kelme can be a good option. The model is inspired by Barcelona, ​​its prints being a reference to Gaudí’s architecture. Its price is €61.00 €42.70.

Cushion Barcelona Kelme men's running shoes

Cushion Barcelona Kelme men’s running shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

screenshot 18

These Nike brand shoes have a light and durable foam that provides a soft and reactive tread. Its design offers support during the three phases of running support and flexibility when we need it. Its breathability will be our ally in times of heat, like the summer that is approaching in Spain. Its price is €159.95 €111.95.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Men's Running Shoes

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 Men’s Running Shoes

NOTE: Some of the links posted here are affiliate links. Despite this, none of the items mentioned have been proposed by either the brands or the stores, their introduction being a unique decision of the editorial team. Prices and availability may vary after publication.

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