These are the best Batman movies, according to fans

These are the best Batman movies, according to fans

Throughout its entire history, Batman It’s had a lot of different versions in comics, television, and movies. We all have our favorite version, but who is really the definitive one? A new survey by GameSpot to “discover the best Batman in history” has given us the answer, and surely there will be many people satisfied with first place.

According to the previously mentioned survey, it was Christian bale and the trilogy of Dark Knight who were crowned the favorites among the fans with a total of 66% of votes. Second we have Ben Affleck and its version for DCEU with a 13% of votes, while third place is Michael Keaton with 12% of votes. The rest of the survey is made up of George Clooney, Val Kilmer, David Mazous and Adam West.

as you could see, bale completely swept the competition by dominating the votes. And it is that to date, the trilogy of Christopher Nolan has shown us one of the best versions of the character on the big screen. We’ll see if batman manages to snatch this position from him once the tape is released next March 4, 2022.

In related news, it was revealed exactly how long the batman and here you can meet her. In the same way, you can already take a look at the design that the batcave in this future feature film.


Publisher’s note: Completely agree that Bale took first place. I mean, the competition wasn’t really that difficult, because although Affleck’s version was pretty good, the time he was given on screen wasn’t enough, not to mention that he never got to have his own solo story.

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These are the best Batman movies, according to fans

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