The rumors about the new iPhone 13 do not stop. And it is that the apple giant plans to release the new models of its flagship product at some point in the second half of the year (we hope it will be in September 2021). What will they be like and what news do they have? Here you can see the new concept that accurately shows the design of the iPhone 13 Pro. However, today what could be the 4 colors in which the iPhone 13 Pro would arrive were leaked.

And it is that according to the Korean leaker Ranzuk, the new iPhone 13 Pro would come in 4 exclusive colors only for this model. In this way, the idea that the iPhone 13 have a range of colors and the iPhone 13 Pro another different and unique to them would continue. In fact, it is rumored that the iPhone 13 would arrive in 3 new colors, different shades than the Pro model would come.

The 4 new colors that the iPhone 13 Pro would come in

It is a reality that Apple differentiates the different iPhone models according to their color palette. The iPhone 12 has more vivid colors while the iPhone 12 Pro has more matte colors. This will continue in the new iPhone 13 models, which are expected to come out in the last quarter of the year.

According to the source, the new colors in which the new iPhone 13 Pro would come would:

  • Black (mate).
  • Silver.
  • Rose gold (pale hue).
  • Golden sunset (bronze tonality).
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This added to the rumor of the smallest notch would be the main changes that we would see from the beginning in the new iPhone models. However, there are rumors that the rear camera module would be different than current models (iPhone 12 and 12 Pro). You can take a look at the final concept of the iPhone 13 and see another physical difference that we could have in these new models compared to the current one.

Although the rumors and leaks are many or vary, the only reality is that the iPhone 13 models will come out this year. In fact, here we explain, when is the iPhone 13 released? In the meantime, it will take a little more patience to get more information about Apple’s new ship.

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These are the 4 colors in which the iPhone 13 Pro could arrive

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