These are the 3 stories Marvel could use

These are the 3 stories Marvel could use

We tell you what are the 3 stories from the comics that Marvel Studios could use to make Spider-Man 4 soon

After what we saw in No way home, we fans are looking forward to hearing more about Spider-man 4. It was recently confirmed that Sony Pictures Y Marvel studios They are already working on the script of the saga of Tom holland and hopefully come up with a new character trilogy. However, we do not know more details about the narrative that will have Peter parker in his next steps within the Phase 4 of the UCM. Or if we will even see it in the New avengers.

While waiting to learn new official details about this new arachnid trilogy, it is time to reflect on what we could get to see. In Homecoming Y Far from home we’ve seen villains like The vulture Y Mystery. And No Way Home brought back the classic villains of the preceding arachnid franchises. But how many bullets can they burn in the next installment?

Spider-man 4 it has a ton of possibilities. After all, the Wall-crawler is probably the richest character in the Marvel Universe in the comics. It has endless supporting characters, enemies, stories, and narratives that they could implement. That’s why today we bring you the 3 stories that the studio could use in the cinema soon!

1- The saga of the black suit

This is, perhaps, the story that they have the most “to egg” to develop. The end of No way home left the door open to employ Venom at UCM. A bit of the symbiote from Tom hardy stayed swarming through the world of The Avengers and hopefully end up giving us the chance to see Poison integrated into that shared universe that gave us so many unforgettable moments.

In fact, they don’t necessarily have to use Venom as the villain of Spider-man 4. Would it be great to see him in action against Tom Holland? Of course! And surely Marvel Studios are aware of it. However, the presence of the symbiote does not have to be purely negative. You don’t need to have Venom as a Wall-Crawler nemesis. You can tell other kinds of stories.

In that sense, the saga of the black suit that amazed a whole generation after the Secret wars originals is a great starting point. See how the symbiote infection affects the Spidey Tom Holland would be very interesting. In fact, it would open up many reflections on what it means to be a hero. And also on how the citizens of New York to the arachnid vigilante, his friendly neighbor.

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2- Kraven’s last hunt

Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt (Marvel)

Regarded as one of the best comics in the character’s history (if not the best), Kraven’s Last Hunt it would give rise to a brutal, dark, violent, mature and very adult adaptation. Maybe it would come too soon in Spider-man 4, although Marvel has shown that it knows how to handle the times very well. And, above all, adapt and update the classic sagas to the most suitable tone of their cinematographic universe.

Plans to include Kraven as a villain they were already before the premiere of No way home. What’s more, both studios wanted to use the hunter as the enemy to beat in the film. But nevertheless, Kevin Feige set out to bring back the classic villains from previous spider sagas and… The result was an event unprecedented in movie history! A Spider-Verse as we have always dreamed of!

However, if Tom Holland’s next film followed in the footsteps of the legendary and unforgettable story they orchestrated JM DeMatteis Y Mike zeck… We promise that we will have a movie just as amazing as No way home!

3- Spider-Island

Spider-Man: Spider-Island (Marvel)

This proposal is very personal. We are surely talking about the Spider-Man comic that I like the most. However, I fervently believe that Spider-island could be a very good story for Spider-man 4. After all, the character at Marvel Studios has yet to become an icon for New Yorkers. And this story would open the door to make it precisely this.

Spider-Island narrates the arachnid adventures of Peter Parker having to deal with the fact that the citizens of Manhattan suddenly possess the same powers as the superhero. Can you imagine seeing a taxi driver, a hot dog vendor or an office worker with the powers of Spidey? It would be amazing! Well, this is precisely the approach of the comic of Dan slott.

However, it is the proof of the importance of the fact that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Yes, anyone can be Spidey. That is the grace of the character, making us feel part of his story, that he is one of us. However, Peter is Peter. With his strengths and weaknesses, but he is our Peter. And it would be a very worthy way to magnify the character of Tom Holland in a trilogy opening that takes him to new narrative arcs. And that consolidates him as the great hero that he is.