These are challenging times for your finances

These are challenging times for your finances

Everything seems to indicate that we will continue to have relatively high inflation and the increase in interest rates will continue. Although we are not experiencing a catastrophe, we must be careful in what we spend, but above all there are opportunities to save in the face of the increase in interest rates.

In Mexico, consumption has recovered but investment remains stagnant. In addition, violence and insecurity in different areas of the country are on the rise and are factors that can harm whether an entrepreneur can think about setting up some type of business or not. For this reason it is important that hopefully one day we will have a rule of law.

It is necessary that incentives be given in Mexico so that people can create small and medium businesses. We are still a country with a lot of informality.

Families will need to budget for responsible spending and businesses will be prudent to invest. Economic recovery will depend on the certainty of their investments and that they are not at risk. It is important that the discourse of polarization becomes one of unity in order to face the challenges we face as a country.

The situation we are experiencing as a country has not only been the responsibility of the government of President López Obrador, but also of the opposition because it has not been able to articulate public policy proposals that can be carried out, in addition to being technically on the electoral canvas as shown the latest opinion polls. Without a doubt, another segment that is in crisis is the red circle because they continue to think that the reality of the country is what is seen on social networks, which is false.

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So, with this context, we have a complex outlook for the coming months, but we must remain calm, not be negative and get carried away by the bad news that one usually sees. The important thing is to plan and above all take advantage of the opportunities that may arise for personal finances and everything can be summed up in being prudent.