One of the most important novelties of iOS 15 is the new version of Safari. The quintessential browser for the iPhone maintains the security features that came with iOS 14, such as password control or privacy reporting, but receives a facelift in most of its interface.

The most noticeable change to Safari in iOS 15 is the new tab bars. It now sits at the bottom and offers quicker one-handed access. The new location, of course, is not as comfortable as you might expect. The tab bar also integrates the search bar, and when clicking on it to enter a web address, scrolls to the top of the screen. This is an unintuitive animation. Fortunately, the next beta version of iOS 15 will fix this very uncomfortable problem.

Additionally, the new tab bar in Safari allows actions to be carried out by a long press. Thus, link can be quickly copied or shared, add the web to our reading list or move the window to a group of tabs.

The group of tabs is another of the novelties that comes with the next version operating system for the iPhone. It works in a very similar way to the classic application folders. You can create groups with custom names for gather those tabs that are related to a search. For example, if you are organizing a trip, you can create a group to store all the pages related to reservations, activities, etc.

The new version of Safari also includes new gestures to navigate between tabs. They are very similar to the iPhone gesture navigation, with the ability to swipe left or right to switch between webs. It is also possible to flick up from the tab to preview all the tabs.

A redesigned home page

The new version of Safari in iOS 15 inherits one of the most remarkable features of macOS Big Sur: the customizable home page. Now, users will be able to add images as backgrounds for the home screen, as well as select which options they want to see on the main browser screen.

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Safari adds a button to activate or choose the order of shortcutsSuch as recently visited pages, iCloud tabs, reading list, or the privacy report that came with iOS 14.

Other improvements coming to Safari with iOS 15

The extensions are a kind of apps available for safari, and that in most cases add more functions or improve the experience when browsing the internet. For example, there are extensions that allow you to block trackers or add more privacy options. This feature was already available in Safari for macOS Big Sur. Now, they come to the iPhone and iPad.

Safari extensions can be downloaded from the App Store. To search for them, users must access Settings> Safari> Extensions> More extensions. At the moment, there are a limited number of extensions for Safari in iOS 15, but they are likely to increase during the next updates.

In iOS 15, Safari supports voice search. With this option, we can ask the Apple browser to access a web, search for a word or show images of, for example, animals. Voice search can be activated via microphone icon which will appear next to the search bar.

Appleā€™s browser does not run out of security improvements. Apple recently announced the iCloud private relay, a function very similar to a VPN that encrypts browsing and protects the IP address so that internet services do not show it and it cannot be traced by third parties.

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