Why choose something good or just mediocre when you can have it all? In RAM memory this is really complex, since the expression “good is worth money” is enlarged in this sector. Normally the three “B” do not add up, except if you have an offer like today, where the combo is undoubtedly large.

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO SL, 32GB 3600MHz 13% off

Although the Vengeance RGB PRO series is well known to all, CORSAIR has implemented a new segment of custom RAM with the designation SL. Therefore, with these CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO SL We are talking about a new RAM model that responds to the needs of the market and that is an update promised by the brand for its users.

These new memories have several peculiarities that they share with their serial sisters, starting with a custom PCB and carefully selected chips that guarantee us something really complicated today: maximum compatibility with Intel and AMD processors.

This is based on its chips, which in this model are Samsung B-Die. If you are one of those users who does not want problems or head warming, and although it is not going to overclock as such beyond the XMP or DOCP on board, you should know that these chips are so famous not so much for what they upload (that also logically) but because they are the ones that give the least problems on different platforms. Pairing the CORSAIR PCB with these Samsung chips is synonymous with quality and performance assurance.

Compact, with new lighting system and lifetime warranty


We can be clear about one thing, most people like RGB. Therefore, the brand has promoted the implementation of 10 ARGB LEDs in each module, offering a color show that is configurable from its already famous software iCUE. Support for other software has yet to be implemented, such as ASUS Armory Crate, but seeing as the ICs are the same as their predecessor siblings, it is more than likely to occur.

So, apart from LEDs, what are the differences with these? We start from an improved and above all lower PCB (only 44 mm high) which is a relief for those who have large heatsinks. In addition, better aluminum is used in this model than in the predecessor, improving the temperature and allowing higher speeds.

In this specific model we talk about DDR4-3600 MHz with latencies of 16-20-20-38, which will allow the BMI of the CPU not to suffer too much and maintain optimal voltages, from there what we want to tighten in latencies or speeds, but already under our responsibility, criteria and knowledge.

Finally, the configuration of 2 x 16 GB at said frequency and latencies is complemented by the fact that we are talking about the model in White, tremendously demanded by users who are mounting setup in that color. Finally its price, which falls from 194.97 euros to 169.69 euros, a 13% discount as long as there are units. Run for your CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO SL memories with Samsung B-Die!