Surely many of you are waiting for the Christmas holidays to come to enjoy one of the best traditional sweets for these dates: nougat.

I suggest you do it at home with a great recipe for Thermomix (although you can also make it without this food processor). East almond, pistachio and blueberry nougat It will be one of your star recipes from now on.

Nuts are a traditional ingredient for Christmas. In this recipe we unite them with a honey meringue to achieve a spectacular result. Of course, it will be necessary that you keep this nougat in the fridge until the moment of serving it, especially if you have heating at home, in this way it will hold perfectly until the moment of taking it to the table. You can also make your own ingredient combinations.

We started putting the butterfly on the blades and pouring the whites into the glass. Beat 15 sec / speed 3. Add the honey, sugar and water and program, without putting the beaker, 40 min / 100º / speed 2.

Meanwhile, we grease a mold for nougat with a little sunflower oil. We booked. We remove the butterfly from the blades. Add the nuts and mix 10 sec / reverse turn / speed 2. We immediately distribute the mixture in the mold and let it cool for 12 hours.

With what to accompany the almond, pistachio and blueberry nougat

As we are at Christmas parties, the best to accompany the almond, pistachio and blueberry nougat It is a very cold glass of cava or champagne. You can also use angel food wafers to prepare this recipe instead of nougat molds. It will be delicious either way.

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