There will be no more updates for Watch Dogs: Legion

There will be no more updates for Watch Dogs: Legion

Post-launch support Ubisoft for many of their games it’s certainly amazing, but the publisher French has just confirmed that Watch Dogs: Legion you will no longer receive any more updates in the future. Although they did deliver on everything they promised in the end, it’s easy to assume that if the game had performed better, the authors would have committed to more content.

A spokesperson for the development team had this to say:

“The game has grown tremendously, and there is plenty of content to explore, from a huge city set in the future to an action-packed online mode. We couldn’t be more proud of the game we’ve created, and we appreciate each of you who joined us on this journey in London throughout the year.”

If you’re still playing his section multiplayer, then you’ll be happy to hear that a new season of content is now available. Afterwards, the game will simply be toggling between the Season 3 and Season 5, giving you a chance to unlock anything you missed. Unless something goes seriously wrong, don’t expect Legion get another update.

If you never gave it a chance, here you can take a look at our written review so you know what we thought of this title.


editor’s note: It’s certainly surprising that we won’t have more content for Watch Dogs: Legion, but the truth is that there weren’t a lot of people interested in the game to begin with. Legion came out on top of other major Ubisoft releases, and in particular, it was Valhalla that stole all the attention.

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There will be no more updates for Watch Dogs: Legion

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