Frank Grillo confirms that he will be back in a sixth film of The Purge, whose script would already be written by James DeMonaco.

Within recent horror films, a saga that in general has been very popular is that of The purge, whose films show us a not too distant future in which the United States Government established that one night a year would be the night of the purge, where any type of criminal act would be free of charges.

While it seemed that the saga had come to an end with The infinite purge, this saga of horror movies still has rope for a while, confirming the completion of a new delivery.

This was confirmed Frank Grillo, actor we saw in Anarchy: Night of the Beasts and Election: Night of the Beasts, who has commented that he will be back in a sixth film of The Purge, whose script seems to already have ready James DeMonaco.

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We promised to do La Purga 6 with the direction of James DeMonaco“said Grillo (via The Playlist). “It is based on the character of Leo Barnes. I’m excited. You will send me the script. Just finished it“.

So yeah, I’m really excited about that. I love doing the Purge movies“continued the actor.”I’m excited, they called me and said James wanted to direct one more and I said, ‘You don’t need to tell me more. I’m in“.

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At the moment no more is known about this new movie of The Purge, so it will be necessary to be aware of new official data about it. Of course, we hope that the quality improves slightly, since his last delivery left a little to be desired, as we have in our Criticism of The Infinite Purge.

This article was published in Hobby Consolas by José Carlos Pozo.