There is talk of the future of the Star Wars movies

There is talk of the future of the Star Wars movies

Star Wars Celebration is currently underway, giving us great news like the third season of The Mandalorianthe confirmation of a series with diego moon and even the presence of one’s own Harrison Ford. Despite everything, many wonder what the future of the franchise will be in the cinema, and fortunately there is already an answer.

When the question regarding the timeline was asked, the president of LucasFilm, kathleen kennedycommented that on this occasion they are choosing to go beyond the events that ended in The Rise of Skywalker. Although it was a fairly ambiguous response, it is not understood if it is for years or for a reboot of characters.

Here what he commented to the magazine Empire Magazine:

We are moving beyond existing sequels as we look into our cinematic space. The sequel era is what we talk about a lot in terms of where we’re going with our movies, and how far we’re going to go from that. That’s very much the space we’re concentrating on.

To stay within George Lucas’ narrative construction I think would be wrong. It’s our job to walk away now, but still have a connection to the mythology that George created. That won’t stop. But we’re moving on from the Skywalker Saga. That is what requires a lot of time, discussion and reflection at this time.


For now, only a little has been said about the next production, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, which will talk about a group of pilots who join the rebel alliance. Therefore, more should be expected for the new main saga. could happen during D23 of this year.

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