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There are two versions of the same scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home

There are two versions of the same scene from Spider-Man: No Way Home

As always, there are various kinds of fans. Those who go to the cinema only once are satisfied and those who need to review the show to analyze every detail of the films. Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel’s latest theatrical hit, is one of those titles that lends itself to it.

Sometimes, curious details are found in these reviews. One of them tells a Twitter user through your account. This Marvel fan has realized that there are two versions of the same scene. And although it is unclear how many times he has seen Spider-Man: No Way Home for notice changes in just a few seconds of footage, we appreciate it. Although there are many who speak of a Mandela effect that does not go beyond the conspiracies of the Internet.

It must be said in advance that the changes do not affect the content or the plot of the film. It is purely an aesthetic question, but with Spider-Man: No Way Home all is important. The modification in question affects the scene in which Willem Dafoe playing the Green Goblin is hiding his plan in an alley. Behind him, his mask that is mocking his attempts to flee from his dark side. Seconds later he will flee the scene and break the villain mask that thousands of fans remember from the first Spider-Man movie.

The changes in question affect the arrangement of some of the cuts and seconds of images. Why these versions? The answer is pretty straightforward. The modified cuts were prepared for the IMAX version, while the others – the ones that most fans have probably seen – were destined for the rest of theaters.

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And despite seeming to be a minor detail in the entire history of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the finding of this follower of the film shows something very clear: that Marvel has an army of followers who will not hesitate to analyze every detail of the films and series that are broadcast. Kevin Feige and company have it very complicated and Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness It will be another of the appointments on the calendar of the superhero saga that will be followed with a magnifying glass. Only the movie trailer has already opened Pandora’s Box of assumptions. Never has a cape given so much to talk about.