there are scenes too expensive for the series

there are scenes too expensive for the series

fans of The Umbrella Academy are happy with their return to the screen, since with the arrival of the third season 10 new episodes have been released based as always on their original comic series, and now that the Netflix adaptation has offered them a broader look and a new opportunity to save the world and the continuity of space time.

Although we must admit that as in everything, there are things that cannot be adapted exactly to how they are in the pages of the comic, because unfortunately some important elements of the series Dark Horse Comics haven’t made it to the screen, and while a lot of the source material has been done in live action, some key battles from the time The Umbrella Academy were kids have yet to appear on the show.

If you haven’t watched the third season of The Umbrella Academy series yet, you should consider twice to continue reading this note.

We talked about moments like his fight with the Lincoln Memorial that has come to life and a fight inside the Eiffel Tower with Zombie-Robot Gustave EiffelThis is apparently not for lack of trying, because as revealed by the creator of the series, Steve Blackmanin a new interview, that’s a little out of his hands.

You see, Blackman was asked if there were moments in the comics that he wanted to bring to life in live action, but couldn’t, and unsurprisingly, the answer is yes: “Oh my God, so many things”responded the showrunner of the series. “There’s the big Eiffel Tower story that we wanted to do from the very first pages of the kids fighting Gustave Eiffel and the tower coming to life like a robot.”

“We have budgeted for those things. I sat down with the effects crews and said, ‘How much would this be?’ And then I am surprised. There are some things I wanted to do in Dallas in Season 2 that we just couldn’t afford to do, but we made it to Dealey Plaza. I was very proud that I did. Actually, I could do that.”

Additionally, Blackman concluded his interview with the outlet with an unusual comment about what a possible fourth season of the series could look like: “One of the stories I want to tell next year, if we get picked up, is one of the biggest mysteries in the graphic novel. I don’t want to say what it is, but the fans will probably find out.”

With this, he has thrown a riddle for the followers, who are of the opinion that there are two potential things to which he refers and believe that it could be:

  • What gave birth to the Umbrella Academy?
  • Since Sir Reginald Hargreeves is an alien… what’s his deal?
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However, the series is fit to answer both in a possible fourth season, as the Hagreeves have remade the world in their image by the end of season three.

The Netflix series went to great lengths to specifically reference the birth of the Umbrella again, by showing the birth of The Sparrow Academyand did so by targeting specific particles that seemed to float out of nowhere and impregnate their mothers, these same particles appeared again in the season finale, when the Umbrellas were trapped in the Hotel Oblivion machine that Hargreeves used to restart the universe.

So he revealed that the unique energy of their bodies powered the machine, perhaps linking the creation of Hotel Oblivion (created by… whoever built the universe), directly to the creation of the Umbrella, but that’s a story for later, might be.