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There are already studies that show benefits of HIIT in children and this routine is adapted to them

There are already studies that show benefits of HIIT in children and this routine is adapted to them

It is normal to see people 18 or older doing strength training, HIIT, and other high-intensity workouts and very few adolescents and children doing this type of training.

There is a very common myth, and it is that if they exercise they are going to stay small, they are not going to develop correctly, etc., but the reality is far from this. Therefore, we have decided at Vitónica to carry out HIIT training adapted to these population groups.

There are several studies that have shown that HIIT training can be beneficial for children. In this HIIT we are going to include both cardio and strength training exercises. So let’s get to it!

jumping jacks

Possibly one of the most used exercises in all areas, especially when it comes to warming up before starting to train. Jumping jacks, with all their variations, are a good exercise for kick start your whole body (legs, arms and core are involved in them) and to raise the pulse little by little.

When you do it right, the arms should rise above the head: clapping helps them to check that they have indeed raised them enough.


Push-ups along with the bench press are two well-known strength exercises, with the main objective of strengthen the upper bodyespecially the chest and arms.

In addition, push-ups also allow you to work the core since they have to maintain the totally neutral spine in order to perform the exercise correctly.

Although it may seem like a simple exercise, really requires a lot of technique and many variants must be taken into account to be able to carry them out correctly; something that is automated as they are doing and improving in push-ups.

Rowing with elastic bands

There are many exercises that you can do at home, but this is the best that we propose for your back. In fact rowing is one of the best exercises you can do for this muscle group.

To do this exercise well, it is very important that you do not stop maintaining the tension of the rubber during the course, try to go slowly and maintain the tension of your back at all times.

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Thruster with elastic bands

We offer you a very complete exercise so that you can incorporate it into your routine. With this exercise they will work the whole body, since they involve the muscles of the legs thanks to the squat and the muscles of the arms thanks to the military press they do.

It is an exercise that is usually done with an Olympic bar but that can perfectly be done with an elastic band of an intensity high enough to offer them resistance but that can be stretched.

knees to chest

This knee-to-chest exercise is a great cardio workout that will make them raise the pulsations. It is very simple to do, so you will have no problem doing it. They just have to place your hands at chest level with your palms facing down and raise the knees until they collide with the palms.

It is important that you breathe every time you raise your knees so you don’t get exhausted in a short time.

mountain climbers

The Mountain Climber or climber is an excellent alternative so that they can perform a very complete cardio exercise, where practically the entire body is worked, especially the core.

The idea is to do it at a fast and explosive pace, trying to bring the knees to the chest, in a high plank position. They can lower the level of intensity by reducing the pace and make it less explosive if they are very small.


Abdominal planks are one of the best exercises for work the core. This is because during this movement we do not perform a spinal flexion unlike conventional abdominal crunches.

If at first you can’t hold on for a few seconds, it’s best to rest your knees on the ground.

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