These frequencies are priced at 25 million euros. That of Secuoya was granted in September 2015, and expires in September 2025. Those frequencies is the one currently used by the TEN channel, and the group wants to sell it as soon as possible so that the value does not plummet as the end date of the concession approaches.

Three DTT channels are in danger

The seventh, the new channel of Marcos de Quinto, it seems that it will have plenty of DTT frequencies to choose from. They have 100 million euros to start the project, and they have already stated that they will have their own license. Looking at the prices at which these licenses have been put up for sale, it seems clear that they have more than enough money to start operating this new neoliberal alternative to laSexta in the coming months.

Another channel that wants to move even further to the right is the one currently being developed by Marcial Cuquerella, former director of Intereconomía and close to far-right positions. However, it is not yet licensed to broadcast, and the channel’s financing remains a mystery.

The operation of a DTT channel has a annual fixed cost of 6 million euros, which must paid to Cellnex who is the one who manages the radioelectric space. That annual cost is in addition to the one that must be paid for licenses, where the last award took place in 2015.

TEN already takes something more than 5 years operating in Spain, since its launch in April 2016. However, the channel stopped broadcasting original programming to save costs in April 2018 after having 6 million euros in losses, dedicating itself to reality and fiction content What series issued in loop. Among the series that are currently broadcasting we find Case Closed, House, Monk or Cobra Alert.

DMAX, GOL and TEN could disappear in Spain

However, during the pandemic, the channel has reduced its billing, and is no longer a priority for its providers. For this reason, the channel has made the decision to sell the license to disappear. As with the Unidad Editorial channels, the sale of licenses must be approved by the President of the goverment and the Minister council. The sale price must be the same as the cost of the license itself, since by law these licenses cannot be resold and obtain an economic benefit for it.

Therefore, in the coming months we could see the disappearance of DMAX, GOL and TEN, although in the case of DMAX the audience data is pretty good, and Discovery might be interested in acquiring the channel’s license, or renting it out to the new owner.