The ZEVA Zero flying saucer already flies through the sky like any other UFO | Motor

The ZEVA Zero flying saucer already flies through the sky like any other UFO |  Motor

ZEVA Zero is one of the strangest and most original personal flying vehicles we have ever seen. At least we already know that flying, fly…

Has ufo shape, and you have to be very brave to fly in a vehicle where you place your body horizontally, like Superman. But its creators they are convinced that it has a gap in the market.

ZEVA Zero is a one-person flying vehicle of the company ZEVA, presented a few months ago, which has flying saucer shape. Its creators say that it can be very useful for short-distance journeys such as going to work, a meeting, or an appointment. It has a range of 80 kilometers.

In this video that you can see here, we can see how it takes off from the ground for the first time, with the pilot inside, although at times it looks like a mannequin… The test was a complete success, since it even moved around the area:

ZEVA Zero is a circular vehicle only 2.6 meters in diameter, made of carbon fiber, weighing 317 Kilos.

The pilot enters from the rear. Zeva Zero It takes off in a vertical position, thanks to its four electric motors equipped with two propellers each. That is what you see in the video.

What we haven’t seen yet, is that once in the air the flying saucer rotates to be horizontal and the pilot is lying down, with the stomach and head pointing to the ground. as the very Superman

TO 1,000 meters high and at 250 km/h, It is something that most people will not be able to bear. At least until you get used to it…

Another important limitation is that passenger can only see straight ahead and down, the sides are blind spots. That is acceptable for an autonomous vehicle, but we are not clear that a manual pilot does not allow to see the sides.

In addition, since it is a personal vehicle, it requires that everyone who uses it gets a pilot’s license. You cannot carry passengers.

Zeva states in New Atlas that the goal is that “everyone will have one in their garage by 2040“But it is very difficult for a one-person flying vehicle for everyone to pass the certifications.

Yes you can have your niche like rescue and emergency vehicle, and even as a military vehicle.

The project continues, and has already flown a few meters above the ground. We want to see it flying vertically.