Right after the hangover of the Christmas holidays and the arrival of the Three Wise Men, they arrive on time Zara Home sales.

Some sales that always come in handy to redecorate or update the house with some of your furniture and its most important accessories such as mirrors and rugs. Again, the Zara Home sales do not affect the entire collection. Excluded from these sales are its vintage collections and its latest novelties such as terracotta vases and linen tablecloths or cushions. Even so, some of its pieces of its most versatile and practical pieces such as its benches to place at the foot of the bed or the most important carpets and mirrors (in size and design) they do enjoy these discounts.

At home with Juana Pepa @madamejuanapepa

Pieces to give a substantial change to the decoration of the living room, the bedroom or even the hall and with which to put the note of style that Zara Home always contributes with its own design furniture of “good workmanship” in which the material is the protagonist. With these items you can also put a rustic note with its small bench and Castilian stool or timeless style with its glass and metal or marble and metal side tables.

At the foot of the bed a bench


Like this one from Zara Home, whose design is ideal to place at the foot of the bed, or in an entrance with little space as a shoe shoe or bag holder …

Wooden and rattan bench in small size normal price € 89.99 and now 59.99 euros

Download 2022 01 07t094909 610

This other bench is also perfect at the foot of the bed. It is a bench with a padded wooden structure and a removable cover Made with washable jute, linen and cotton. It is 129 cm long and 42.5 cm deep. Its normal price is € 199.00 and now with the discount of 129.00 euros

The most classic and rustic stool

Download 2022 01 07t094102 402

One of the most successful ways to bring a touch of personality to the decoration of the house is to include a piece of heritage or rustic style as rescued from the town house or inspired by our tradition.

Wooden stool with braided jute seat normal price € 99.99 and now 79.99 euros

Screenshot 2022 01 07 09 54 00 Copy

Recycled wood trestle stool regular price € 49.99 and now 39.99 euros

XXL size mirrors

Download 2022 01 07t094206 662

With traditional airs but above all large, to look better.

Large mirror with oversized oak wood frame. Measures 182 cm high, it has a metal structure to support it on the ground normal price € 499.00 and now € 399.00

Download 2022 01 07t101559 402

Another large mirror with an air “rescued from the people” to add a note of personality in addition to the advantages that a mirror always provides. Large mirror with an oak wood frame, it has a 170 x 80 wall hanging light. Its normal price is € 299.00 and now 199.00 euros

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Download 2022 01 07t100236 933

The large round mirror with a light black frame is perfect for the washbasin or on a chest of drawers. Round mirror to hang on the wall with black metallic profile, 71 cm in diameter. Normal price € 79.99 and now 59.99 euros

Download 2022 01 07t100429 158

And also discounted the irregular shaped mirror / sculpture of the Kassl Editions collection with the back lacquered in blue to be able to place it on both sides. € 99.99 and now 79.99 euros

An extra seat or different reading corner with these beanbags and camping chair

Download 2022 01 07t094509 455

An informal finish with an eighties air is what you can achieve with this very comfortable cotton beanbag with handle and pocket. Your nominal price of € 99.99 and now 79.99 euros

Download 2022 01 07t102227 923

This armchair (also available in orange) has a geometric padded cover and an organic shape. The cover is removable and washable. Normal price € 499.00 and now € 399.00

Download 2022 01 07t102452 467

And for those who want a folding armchair, this wood effect aluminum folding camping or picnic chair has a compact and lightweight design and is also ideal for the terrace or as an extra seat indoors. Also with black canvas, it is presented folded in a cotton bag with a handle. Normal price € 69.99 and now 39.99 euros

Auxiliary tables

Download 2022 01 07t094737 612

As side tables, as a coffee table support or the sides of the sofa, any of these options are valid.

Timeless style, square table in gold metal and glass normal price € 79.99 and now 59.99 euros

Download 2022 01 07t101908 030

Marble Side Table with Metal Legs, Regular Price € 69.99 and now 39.99 euros

Screenshot 2022 01 07 09 58 28 Copy

Recycled wood table perfect to use as a night table or as a side table normal price € 179.00 and now 129.00 euros

Download 2022 01 07t100106 990

And finally, wooden stool in the shape of a pallet normal price € 49.99 and now 39.99 euros

Sale rugs at Zara Home

Download 2022 01 07t102732 240

The round rug (from the cover image) in a vintage style measuring 200 cm in diameter. Normal price € 129.00 and now 99.99 euros

Download 2022 01 07t102853 462

A classic. Jute rug 150 x 200 cms normal price € 199.00 and now 129.00 euros

Download 2022 01 07t103217 326

Timeless design woven sisal rug and jute warp with smooth design (in gros or beige) with non-slip finish. In two sizes its normal price is € 249.00 – € 349.00 and now both sizes for 199.00 euros

Download 2022 01 07t110223 510

The design at your feet with this cotton rug with geometric design that can be combined with the rest of the rugs in the Kassl Editions collection, creating different designs normal price € 49.99 and now 39.99 euros

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