Youtuber and critic Chris Stuckmann seems to have achieved his dream. According Deadline, will direct and produce a horror film for Paper Street Pictures, titled Shelby oaks. The story of the future feature film about a group of missing paranormal investigators is the third film of the social media star, but the first in the cinema mecca. Already in 2003 he directed and wrote Phenomenon and 2005, The Woods. Both projects focused on the world of YouTube were ingenious productions with minimal resources that ended up interesting the Hollywood world.

The upcoming project is also one of the many productions that seem to mix the world of social networks with cinema. After the success of Zolaby Janicza Bravo, Hollywood seems interested in exploring fertile ground. One in which there is also a large number of new original proposals.

The upcoming movie by youtuber Stuckmann seems like the combination of both. It will be based on a fictional paranormal investigation team known as The Paranormal Paranoids, especially popular during the 2000s. Of course, it is also a metafiction game, in which the story of the investigators is interspersed with speculation and reality. . Strange as it may seem, the phenomenon has a boom and solidity of its own, enough to attract the attention of producers.

During the last months, the phenomenon of The Paranormal Paranoids its popularity in social networks, which opened a wide debate in forums and networks. So much so that the videos on explanations about the reality of the investigations were multiplied exponentially. But especially, much of the material and discussions are focused on the possibility that some of what is shown is real.

Whatever the explanation, the rise in interest around The Paranormal Paranoids increased, so much as to create a mild viral phenomenon. Especially after the video series showed the alleged kidnapping of one of the group members. The confusing combination of reality and fantasy is so intriguing that it caught the attention of producer Paper Street.

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The production company then decided that youtuber Stuckmann, who has about 2 million YouTube subscribers, was the visible head of the project. This is a bold move and of considerable interest for future such productions.

From the world of youtubers to the cinema

A few weeks ago, Zola Janicza Bravo became the new sensation of the production company A24. Based on a thread of 150 Tweets from Aziah King, it brought one of the most surprising stories on the social network to the screen. In 2015, King tweeted to tweet a chaotic trip to Florida (USA) with a stripper. The narrative lasted for entire days and captured the attention of the internet at phenomenal levels.

His adaptation was released with moderate success at the 2020 Cannes Film Festival. But it was with its subsequent premiere that it reached the category of commercial success. Zola is indeed quite a surprise especially in the way the adaptation capitalized on the success of the now-erased thread and turned it into a good movie show.

Similar to the case of youtuber Stuckmann, David F. Sandberg went from directing a viral short on YouTube to becoming a promising director in Hollywood. Director of Shazam! began his journey through the entertainment world with Lights out (2013), a visual experiment of the horror genre.

Become a considerable success on networks and on the video platform, Sandberg ended up directing the film version. Soon after, he was chosen to direct the adaptation of the DC hero. All thanks to the triumph of a minor and effective project sustained in social networks.