If you have a Windows computer, you are interested in knowing the malware that has plagued these computers for nine years, but that hackers continue to exploit to do evil.

Microsoft has a reputation for solving bugs in its operating system sooner rather than later, but that doesn’t mean hackers are sitting back or giving up entirely. And, the thing is, the past always comes back and every time we see more ways to take advantage of something old in our complete favor.

The latest example of this has come to light today. ZLoader is the name of the malware that has attacked more than 2,000 victims in 111 countries. How did you do it? The answer is quite complex, but in short what it has done is to take advantage of the verification of Microsoft’s electronic signature.

At the level of danger, ZLoader is a Trojan capable of stealing cookies, passwords and any type of sensitive data. This makes it quite dangerous, as it is capable of obtaining private and privileged information from our computers without our knowing it.

The most curious thing about this malware is that it has been around for almost a decade on computers and, although Microsoft has put the brake on it, attackers have managed to find ways to bypass the solution offered by the Redmond company. It is because of that, Although DLLs are signed files, they should not be trusted.

And, is that, before downloading and installing them, you have to check that the source is trustworthy. Attackers rely on the trust of downloading users dll files without checking the source and, is that, inside these files they introduce the malware so that when they are installed they have access to the data.

Of course, Microsoft has commented that users can protect themselves from the problem by installing the update that launched the company in 2013. What happens is that many users do not have this solution activated and, therefore, remain vulnerable to being victims of this error on their devices.

The recommendations that we can give you is that you update your devices in order to always have it protected and, in addition, the installation of programs or DLL files from unreliable sources has to be something not to be done at any time. Also, you don’t have to click on unknown links either.