The Wily Wars and two other Mega Drive classics have arrived as a surprise in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

The Wily Wars and two other Mega Drive classics have arrived as a surprise in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Nintendo closed a spectacular month of June on Switch and welcomes the arrival of July giving more joy to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers: from today, four Mega Drive classics are available at no additional cost to all Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack users .

And beware, that among the selection we can find authentic essentials of the 16-bit SEGA: from the start we come across a Comix Zone that radiates the spirit of the 90s, betting on a beat’em up that takes place between comic pages. And if you’re a fan of classic Mega Man, the addition of The Wily Wars It’s going to drive you crazy: it’s a remake of the first three installments of the saga made to measure for the Mega Drive.

The lot is completed with two games that may not shine so brightly but have their own history: zero wing is a classic-style shooter that has transcended time and space due to its disastrous localization into English. We owe him the unfortunate meme of All Your Base Are Belong You Us which, by the way, says present in this reissue.

Of the four games recovered for Nintendo Switch Online, it may be Target Earth be the least attractive: Masaya’s title recalls that initial stage of SEGA’s black beast prior to the emergence of Sonic in which the quality line that separated the experiences of 8 and 16 bits was not yet so defined, despite showing on-screen sprites impossible to see in the Nintendo alternative.

Four Mega Drive games that, in any case, add extra value and variety to the SEGA catalog on Switch at a time when seguera nostalgia is very present in all systems: in addition to the presentation of Mega Drive mini 2 , Sonic Origins remembers everything that made the supersonic hedgehog company exceptional.

A Spectacular Summer to be a Switch Online Subscriber

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The arrival of the four new SEGA games may coincide with the entry of the month of July in European territory and Japan, but technically they correspond to the June shipment of Nintendo Switch Online games, a service that pampers more and better to those who bet on the Expansion Pack through N64 and Mega Drive classics, as well as the expansions of the house’s best sellers.

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In any case, it is worth remembering that, despite ComixZone and other classics of this batch are available in other Nintendo compilations, they cannot be purchased separately in the eShop: their entry into the two-in-one console is through the Mega Drive app included in the subscription, being able to get us 12 months of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack for a amortizable 39.99 euros.

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That said, Nintendo knows very well how to make the service attractive: beyond the retro proposal, it has enabled a few days of free play for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, to which must be added the additional value it brings to summer games specifically designed to play online like Mario Strikers, Splatoon 3, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak or the recently released TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge. And beware, that beyond the summer period there are still good excuses to bet on online, including the call to be the highlight of the year: Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

Perhaps the subscribers of the normal plan of nintendo switch online may not have as many classics ahead of them, but the monthly entry of NES and SNES classics has been resumed: games like Rival Turf entered in May, while in June we had a triple helping of Kirby just in time for its 30th anniversary.

Nintendo Switch is a console that summer suits you wonderfully, and the accumulation of new and more classic games confirms its value. Above all, if the latter are included at no additional cost in the online service.