The iOS bug that disabled iPhone Wi-Fi when contacting a wireless network with a specific name turned out to be more serious than initially expected. Vulnerability allowed third parties to remotely execute code on the affected device. Fortunately, Apple took action on the matter and has already corrected the problem.

Agree CodeColorist, the iPhone Wi-Fi network failure was caused by an error in the string format. The SSID (network name) “% p% s% s% s% s% n“was interpreted as a variable of the C language, which caused denial of service. I mean, the wireless connection stopped working. The developer was confident that this vulnerability could not have been used for malicious purposes.

However, the security team of ZecOps claims that this error could allow third parties to remotely execute code (RCE) on the iPhone, in case an attacker attached the pattern “% @” to the access name of the Wi-Fi network. The company dubbed this problem “Wi-FiDemon”. It also clarified that it was a vulnerability that allowed attack a user without them noticing.

“As long as Wi-Fi was on, this vulnerability could be activated,” say the researchers. However, they clarify that the “automatically join known networks” function should be enabled, which is precisely the setting that is configured by default on the iPhone.

Recommend updating iPhone software

The San Francisco-based security firm explains that all versions of iOS from 14.0 and prior to 14.3 were vulnerable to WiFiDemon. In addition, they point out that Apple released a patch “quietly” in January 2021, as part of iOS 14.4, to resolve the issue..

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Users can fix iPhone Wi-Fi problem quickly. If the Wi-Fi network is disabled, you should go to Setting> general> Restore> Reset network settings, so that the device works correctly again.

Apple fixed iPhone Wi-Fi bug causing denial of service with iOS 14.7. Consequently, all users are advised to update their devices to the latest version of the operating system to be protected.