Despite having been without them for a while, it is Sunday, so we bring you the Xbox highlights of the week [12 al 18 de julio]. Throughout the weeks, there is a multitude of news that is of great relevance to the video game sector. Therefore, from SomosXbox we want to summarize what they are xbox news highlights of the week, taking a look at the news that can arouse the most interest as readers.

Although normally the week is usually full of news related to Xbox Game Pass, this time the protagonist of the most relevant news has been for Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, who has left several interesting headlines. In addition, the information that raises the possibility that we see Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck, Valve’s new laptop, is also noteworthy.

The Week’s Top Xbox News – Phil Spencer’s Headlines [12 al 18 de julio]

The Coalition will use Unreal Engine 5

1. The Coalition shares its first image made with Unreal Engine 5

This week, Epic Games shared a series of images made by different development teams with Unreal Engine 5, their new graphics engine. Among one of these snapshots, there was an image made by The Coalition, the study behind the Gears of War saga, in which we can see how some of the characteristics of the new Epic engine are taken advantage of.

Xbox news highlights

2. Phil Spencer says that the future of Xbox is to continue taking risks

The first of Phil Spencer’s headlines this week had to do with the future of Xbox. In an interview conducted by the people of The Guardian, the boss of Xbox assured that the future of the brand will go through continuing to take risks, and gives as an example the large number of narrative games that are currently being developed by his studies.

New Halo Infinite Multiplayer Details

3. Unveiled new details of the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, which will feature a ping system

Following the line marked in recent weeks, the 343 Industries team returned to give new information related to the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, confirming an aspect of great importance. Specifically, it was confirmed that the title will have a ping system, which will facilitate communication with our teammates, especially in those cases in which we do not communicate with them via audio.

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The Week's Top Xbox News - Phil Spencer's Headlines [12 al 18 de julio] 1

4. New Xbox update will prevent kids from wasting their money on microtransactions

One of the most prominent Xbox news of the week is related to safety for the youngest members of the family. As Microsoft confirmed through a post on Xbox Wire, the Xbox Family Settings application will limit the amount of money that a user can spend with a single account, which will allow control of the spending made by the smallest of the house.

Final comparison between Xbox Series X and PS5, Xbox Series S and PS5 Digital Edition

5. Phil Spencer praises the PlayStation’s DualSense and suggests they take notice of it

With the arrival of the new generation of consoles, before the greater power of Xbox Series X, Sony wanted to stand out with the sensations of the players while they have the controller in their hands, as demonstrated by the DualSense. Given this, Phil Spencer has praised said command, and has assured that he will take note of it for the future.

The Week's Top Xbox News - Phil Spencer's Headlines [12 al 18 de julio] two

6. Phil Spencer finally reveals why he has a Nintendo Switch on his shelf

During the Phil Spencer broadcasts, there are several times that we have seen a Nintendo Switch on the shelves of the Xbox big man, which has generated countless rumors on several occasions. However, Spencer has commented on why he has said console on his shelf, which reason is neither more nor less than it was a gift from the president of Nintendo.

Steam Deck would allow us to play Xbox Game Pass

7. Steam Deck would allow us to play Xbox Game Pass

The last of the big news of the week is reserved for Valve and its new portable console, Steam Deck. According to some rumors, which have finally been confirmed by Valve, Steam Deck will allow us to play Xbox Game Pass, which makes this the ideal portable console for Xbox fans.

Well, these have been the Xbox highlights of the week. Are there any that you miss? What has surprised you the most this week?
Do not hesitate to leave us your comments about them!

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