The Volkswagen Group has presented in society the NEW AUTO strategic plan for 2030. An ambitious roadmap that will allow the transformation of this automotive group. A transformation that will have electric mobility as the protagonist. Among other keys, the new SSP platform has been unveiled. An architecture that will sustain next-generation electric vehicles.

The Volkswagen Group
is determined to establish itself as a leading actor in sustainable mobility. A true colossus of the electric car. For this, the German automobile conglomerate has presented in society the NEW AUTO strategic plan. A roadmap that sets the sights on 2030, one of the key dates for the European automotive industry.

Important announcements have been made within the framework of this event. Among others, the architecture that will be key in the immediate future of each of the car brands that make up the Volkswagen Group has been unveiled. It’s about the new SSP platform. The foundation on which the new generation electric cars will be based.

The Volkswagen Group’s SSP platform will take over from the current MEB architecture

The new SSP platform of the Volkswagen Group

The SSP acronyms refer to Scalable System Platform. Something that we can translate as a scalable systems platform. It will be the next generation mechatronic platform of the Volkswagen Group and will be characterized by being the architecture successor to current MQB, MSB, MLB, MEB and PPE platforms. The company will go from having three architectures available for combustion engine models and two for electric models, to a single platform for its entire product offering.

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Once the transition process is complete, the Volkswagen Group will have unified its entire product portfolio under the new SSP platform. Now, when will the first electric vehicles supported by this new platform reach the market? Well, the truth is that it will be in just a few years when the first models developed on the new architecture burst onto the scene.

The Volkswagen Group anticipates start the production of electric cars with SSP platform in 2026. The Group’s next generation of vehicles will be fully electric, digital and scalable. Throughout its useful life, more than 40 million vehicles are projected on this new basis. And as with the current MEB platform, the future SSP will be available to other manufacturers.

Volkswagen Group SSP platform
The Volkswagen Group’s SSP platform will be used from 2026

The SSP platform will help reduce production costs

Markus Duesmann, CEO of Audi, has ensured that the new SSP platform will help reduce development and production costs: “Introducing the SSP means leveraging our strengths in platform management and developing our capabilities to leverage to maximize synergies between brands and segments. In the long term, the SSP platform will significantly reduce mechatronic complexity. It will enable the Group to achieve its financial objectives.

The Volkswagen Group will invest around 800 million euros in a new R&D Center located in Wolfsburg (Germany) where the core of the SSP platform and its respective modules will be designed.

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