The Volkswagen e-Up is back! to the market, the interesting reasons that justify the decision

The Volkswagen e-Up is back!  to the market, the interesting reasons that justify the decision

The Volkswagen e-Up! returns to the market, but for now the firm has not indicated in which specific European markets it will re-market the small electric model, apart from Germany. Parca in words, as usual, we tell you why Volkswagen has decided to re-manufacture this zero-emission model.

The German Volkswagen dealers raised the blind a few days ago with the internal news that the brand had decided vgo back to manufacturing the Volkswagen e-Up! The smallest electric model of the manufacturer, intended mainly for an urban and interurban environment, with a very limited maximum autonomy, was ready to return after a time out of catalog.

The barrage of orders received by the electric triplets of the SEAT Mii Electric, Skoda Citigoe iV and the Volkswagen e-Up! forced the manufacturer to launch an unprecedented decision: withdrew all three from the market because it could not respond to the high demand receivedwith extremely long lead times for a model that barely exceeds 260 kilometers of autonomy. This was the key for which the model was withdrawn from production. A retreat that, by the way, Volkswagen never qualified as definitiveknowing that his replacement will not be ready until the middle of the decade.

The Dacia Spring flies alone in the electric urban market in Germany

The commercial success of the Dacia Spring has forced Volkswagen to make a move

To this day, we know that the electric version of the Volkswagen Up! will return to the German market in the coming monthsbut it is absolutely unknown if there will be other European markets that also receive units, since the manufacturer only plans to produce around 9,000 units. The strategy of selling the e-Up! only in germany It is very logical if we take into account the main factor that has motivated its return to production. And it is that, in territory, the Dacia Spring has become a true benchmark in the domestic market, with long waiting times. Until a year.

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This is the real reason, and that the brand has summarized by pointing to the high demand for small electric cars. Something that has seriously hurt the German brand and for which it has made a very radical decision that, in addition, entails another added consequence. And it is that the matrix of Wolfsburg already recognized that heThe production of these electric models cost you money, that is to say, that he does not earn money with them as it should be the most logical thing. But the German brand prefers to lose money to let the Dacia Spring conquer the market of the smaller electric ones and not take part of the cake.

However, this not all. Volkswagen is also very intelligent and, despite losing money, it will take advantage of these 9,000 units, approximately, that it will sell of the electric model, and with which it will be able to control the average figures of CO2 emissions of the entire range, so that if these increase, it will be possible to lower them considerably and avoid the large fines provided for by the European Union.