When we talk about fast charging systems, there are some brands that stand out over others, such as Oppo, which currently has the best in the market, getting 65 W of cable charging for your Reno Ace (same technology that we have in realme X50 Pro 5G ). As for wireless charging, we are not so used to seeing systems of such power and it is Xiaomi who holds the record for the best wireless charging with the 30W of its Xiaomi Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro and Mi 9 Pro. Now, the Vivo Apex 2020 will burst that record.

At this point, we have already spoken to you on a couple of occasions about the Vivo Apex 2020, especially since everything indicates that it will be the first phone on the market to arrive with a variable optical zoom. In addition, yesterday Qualcomm confirmed the presence of Snapdragon 865 and as its presentation date approaches, we will learn more details. Today we have been able to see some images of its cascading screen, but what really impresses us is its wireless charging.

The Vivo Apex 2020 will have 60 W wireless charging

According to the official posters that the brand itself has published to announce this terminal, we can see in one of them that the phone appears almost sideways, with the charging icon on its screen. Just behind the phone, in contact with its back, we see some deformed lines, which form a number and a letter: 60 W. That this phone has a wireless charge of 60 W is at least impressive. In order to use this, we will need to use a special wireless charger that owns the brand, but of course, it makes us forget about the cables.

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The Vivo Apex 2020 will have the best wireless charging on the market: 60 W

We have even been able to watch a video in which in a matter of three minutes, the Vivo Apex 2020 charges wirelessly up to 30% battery, simply impressive.

This causes us to consider several things.

  • The first one, the temperature that the terminal will reach: the wireless charging usually generates more heat than the cable and we are talking about really high powers, so Vivo will have to develop some method to lower the temperature while charging the Vivo Apex 2020, probably with fans in the charger itself.
  • The second, the absence of the USB Type-C port: Vivo already showed us its intentions to renounce the charging ports and with wireless charging as powerful as this one, they could do so without damaging the experience of using the phone.
  • The third, greater power of load by cable: if the firm has managed to reach 60 W of power of wireless form, nothing makes us think that they have not obtained something superior even by cable. The brand already patented its ultra-fast load of 120 W and we could see it for the first time on this phone.

Of course, the Vivo Apex 2020 will not leave anyone indifferent. It may be presented as a concept alone, but what it is showing us, is a huge advance in the technology of smartphones in different aspects.