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The viral “seashell” trick to paint a house without staining | Life

The viral “seashell” trick to paint a house without staining |  Life

Painting a wall is easy. Painting it without staining, and in a uniform way, that there are no traces or different shades of color, is a very different thing …

It is usual that, from time to time, you have to painting the walls and ceiling of a room. Especially if there are children or pets at home.

The problem is that a professional painter is quite expensive, so most people go to DIY. But painting a wall is more complicated than it seems …

It is very common to drain the paint badly, or put too much on the brush, and end with the floor full of drips.

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Another problem is that it is not easy to maintain homogeneity. In some strokes we give more paint, in others less …

In the end, if you don’t have much experience, you end up filling the floor, furniture and other objects with paint, and you can notice the brush strokes with different shades on the wall.

Fortunately, TikTok’s viral trick called “the seashell” will help you paint without smudging, to maintain homogeneity, and to fill the edges and corners with more precision, without running out. You can see it here:

To start this trick we need a brush that has soft, moldable bristles.

Once wet with paint, it is about press the brush against the wall so that it resembles a seashell, slightly moving the wrist from one side to the other.

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This movement causes the bristles to disperse, as well as to disperse the paint. Thus droplets are reduced, because the paint does not accumulate on the brush, and it is distributed more evenly.

Another advantage of this system is that only a few bristles accumulate in a corner, or on the edge. This allows paint those areas more precisely, reducing glob or the possibility of staining a door or window frame.

It’s a trick that many painters use, and on video it seems to work quite well. Start it up the next time you paint, and see if it works for you too …