The user experience in the digital space, the case of OnlyFans

The user experience in the digital space, the case of OnlyFans

A content creator on OnlyFans has chosen to show her user experience
and the “problems” when opening an account on the platform.

The platforms digital They have demonstrated their importance for users around the world, who can access all kinds of offers to meet their needs, such as information, entertainment, education, leisure and even consumption with the supply and demand of goods and services.

More and more brands are being born in the digital field, in part due to the growth in the number of users that has been had in recent years; to know the impact of its growth, information from eMarketer in its study “Global Social Network Users” shows that the number of monthly people in social networks worldwide in 2017 it came to represent 2 thousand 480 million, a figure that by 2020 reached 3 thousand 230 million users and is expected to reach 3 thousand 64 million this year.

before this millions of people found digital platforms a good opportunity to increase their incomewhether selling their work, content, their time through streaming platforms, among endless other opportunities to explore, which have managed to attract the attention of users to increase their income and even stay in these new jobs and professions, such as well it can be on Youtube, Twitch and onlyfans.

Accounts on digital platforms can be created by almost anyone in the world who has access to the internet, so digital fraud they are a reality to which Internet users are frequently exposed; however, and to avoid this type of event (as far as possible), these apps have some security systems to avoid stories that could affect their image, even if they damage the user experience in the process.

A content creator at OnlyFans (a platform that according to its own data has more than a million content creators and 85 million registered users) has chosen to show some of the “most common problems” when opening an account on the platform, narrated by the users themselves.

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  • To verify that the account corresponds to your property, the platform requests a photo of you and your identification (front and back), but since it only offers two spaces to upload the file, you must make a type of collage to integrate them.
  • The platform does not accept all bank accounts to carry out transactions, including BBVA and Banamex.
  • Some creators can’t find where their money from subscriptions is.
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These problems are only from her experience as a woman, so she does not know if the same situation occurs in accounts managed by men.

“I am getting a lot of videos on this subject, is it a sign?”, “the problem is the type of account, they do not accept very basic accounts and they are usually the ones that do not charge commissions or are very cheap”, “the problem is that you have to have 50 dollars so you can withdraw the money you earned”, are some of the opinions in this regard that nourish the conversation about difficulties that may arise along the way when it comes to open an OnlyFans account.

Part of the fact lies in the lack of payment methods to contemplate; however, the testimony shows that the user navigation experience and design of the OnlyFans page It could become complicated for some people, being part of the problem and showing an opportunity for the brand to strengthen its system to improve the experience of its new and old users and thus positively continue the growth of the platform.

Taking into account the relevance of the virtual world in the current era, digital consumers have a wide number of platforms to choose from to develop their personal brand, create content or “simply” consume it; however, the retention time on web pages or apps and even the arrival of new users could be at stake, if they do not offer a good browsing experience, showing part of the importance of having a professional in UX design. /UI that is responsible for improving your experience on these platforms.

Design in the digital field directly influences the permanence of the user (since according to KoMarketing research, more than 46 percent of web surfers abandon a website because they encounter poor design or content), but providing a good interface also provides an opportunity to decrease the rate of inconsistencies within your website. of a company, which translates into a better customer experience.

An example of this can be found when the computer security software company, McAfee, at the time managed to reduce its support calls by 90 percent, this being the result of a redesign in the user interfaceshowing a little about what it is capable of offering a good browsing experience.

To improve navigation on a website, it is not enough to worry only about its aesthetics, but other elements must be considered, such as improving forms, facilitating their navigation to prevent users from getting lost, among other situations that a professional in UX/UI could improve.

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