The US causes an earthquake by testing one of its weapons

The US causes an earthquake by testing one of its weapons

Sounds really weird, but this it happened quite a few miles from Florida after the United States Navy did sea trials experimenting with explosive weapons.

A surreal test

For some conducting this test may involve a simple experiment, but for others it means the waste of huge amounts of money, in addition to damaging the marine fauna and flora of the area.

Despite this, they assure that the tests were carried out having knowledge of animal migrations marine, in order to make the detonations without damaging the fauna of the place.

These tests are so exaggerated They are made to test the resistance of American aircraft carriers, which claim to be one of the largest in the world. The explosions near these ships they would simulate how these can withstand the harshness of a battle on the high seas.

The aircraft carrier that was used as a test object was the USS Gerald R. Ford, the most expensive but at the same time with best military advancements of the planet. Its development cost the country more than the $ 12.5 billion. It weighs just over 97 tons and reaches speeds of approximately 55 kilometers per hour.

It had throughout its infrastructure with different sensors in charge of carrying out an analysis of the explosion.

The results were a success

Were made explode just over 19 tons of explosives close to the ship and the results were satisfactory, as the ship suffered less damage than expected. You just have to take it to maintenance to fix these damages and the aircraft carrier it will be fully operational again.

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These tests could also serve to, based on the results obtained, create even stronger ships than those that exist today.

The US causes an earthquake by testing one of its weaponsIt’s not the first time that the United States performs a test of these characteristics to check both the resistance of your vehicles marine like him potential of your weaponry explosive.

At first glance it may seem like a kamikaze experiment since if it goes wrong it can destroy all the work of thousands of engineers. Although on the other hand, also it is one of the best tests What can be done if you want to check the resistance of the product that you have developed yourself.