Just yesterday we were talking to you about the fact that little information has been published regarding the third season of the series written by Gerard Way, The Umbrella Academy, transmitted by Netflix.

And here is the SPOILER Alert:

If you haven’t watched the first two seasons, maybe you don’t want to continue reading.

Brothers Hargreeves, they stopped the complete destruction of the world and prevented the future in which he had been locked 5 for so long, not being fulfilled, it was not easy since they had constant declines, problems with time travel and many misunderstandings.

But it was necessary for them to be together again, so as a team they will be able to get out of this difficult situation.

And like any other human being, probably after saving the world from destruction, all you want is to return home and finally be able to take a breath, a well-deserved rest.

Well, that was the plan, only that when our dear brothers arrived they found what could be considered as a possible parallel world, where their brother Ben he was alive, just as disconcerting as his dad too, as well as that things in the house were somewhat different and they met others 6 unknown siblings, of which we could only look at their silhouettes.

We believe that, due to so many changes, their travels to the past and so much playing with the timeline, they created this new timeline, where they are not the children of Reginald hargreeves and there are other brothers at home, where it was their place.

That is the input for “The Sparrow Academy”, of which we were investigating a little more, and we present you below.

  • Number 1.- Justin cornwell will give life to Marcus hargreeves, who will be the born leader that is needed to maintain the union between the family.
  • Number 2.- Ben hargreeves, who will continue to be played by Justin H. Min. Only, in this timeline, Ben is a Machiavellian strategist, with the same power to summon and control creatures from other dimensions through his stomach.
  • Number 3.- Britne oldford will be Fei hargreeves, who happens to be the smartest person in that room, who they’re probably going to negotiate with, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to trust her.
  • Number 4.- Jake epstein who will it be Alphonsho Hargreevees, who will have the ability to inflict harm on other people or himself, through his empathic power.
  • Number 5.- Genesis Rodriguez will give life to Sloane hargreeves, a girl who will apparently be a dreamer, with a higher cosmic call and eager to see life and the world outside her home.
  • Number 6.- Cazzie david will play Jayme hargreeves, a lonely young woman, but with a growl she could induce you to fear. “Take a look at it and you’ll run across the street to avoid what’s next” mentions the description shared by Netflix.
  • Number 7.- Christopher Hargreeves, who seems to be the one with a more common name, only that it has a detail, since it is a telekinetic cube of unknown origin. He acts as the consulted oracle of the Sparrows who gives incredible advice, serves as a family mediator, and can create paralyzing fear.
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The plot has not been formally revealed of what this third installment will offer us, we only know that we will probably have more news about it soon, nor the release date, it is only said that it is likely to be released around March, but it is only a strong rumor.