In the Olympics for the Mexican it is soccer and then the rest. A bad habit because the Games present emotions in all disciplines. But football is attracting attention and today with the defeat of Korea by a score of 6 to 3, history is marked by the forcefulness that Jaime Lozano’s team had in front of the frame, with accurate performances by key players that make you dream, now that on Tuesday 3 at 3 in the morning they will be facing Brazil, a team that Mexico has always bothered and which they won for the historic gold of London 2012.

Alexis Vega, without scoring a goal, was one of the highlights, with his assists and vision of the game that has him as a pillar in this Olympic edition. Sebastián Córdova turns out to be the class player that we always expect in the continuity of his game. Today it was. He stole balls, participated in the game, coldly took the penalty and scored a great goal, a superb shot at the angle to set the Mexican victory on track. His celebration emulating Cuauh, to celebrate that they gave him the 10th of America, drove the fans crazy, being for me excessive, because of the stage and because the rival is respected, no matter how much the Korean Lee commanded to shut up when he scored the tie to 1 of the opponents.

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Luis Romo is multi-functional. Today he was put in the position of the suspended Charly Rodriguez, fulfilling a phenomenal performance, seasoned by that goal of great individual technique that he scored. Henry Martín, so criticized, scored a pair, giving some great Games, in addition to playing injured, with integrity, participating in the collective game. Little mentioned and in quiet, effective work Joaquín Esquivel in the containment was another of the pillars and what to say about Memo Ochoa with seven interventions, several valuable to avoid Korean goals in moments of pressure.

Now to put cold cloths. Being in the semifinals is already a goal accomplished. It is in the medal zone, but nothing else. Nothing has been achieved yet. Jaime Lozano established from the beginning that they had come for six games, the goal is achieved. Total forcefulness with goals of 4 to France, of 3 to South Africa, of 6 to Korea is something extraordinary, plus the setback with Japan that served as a lesson. The bank has responded. Mute scores, Laínez unbalances, Beltrán came in to defend the advantage, now to solve. Jorge Sánchez suspended for the semifinals, Erick Aguirre is out due to muscle injury, the dilemma if Charly returns, but the winning team is not touched, in short, many things due to the head of Jimmy’s coaching staff who have shown their good group management, supported in the leadership of Memo Ochoa that of the failure of Athens 2004, now in full maturity he enjoys the Olympic success.

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There is a good generation of players. Now it is necessary to give the final stretch. Brazil is not an expert in sweets, even though it beat Egypt by the minimum. Richarlison is a top scorer, there is the veteran Dani Alves, the Amazons who defend the Rio de Janeiro title always bring a lot under the hat. Therefore, attention must be more than set to get to the final on August 7 and not stay on the third of the previous day, the 6.

Baron Pierre de Coubertin used to say: “The best thing about dreams is that they can come true.”


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