A clogged sink can turn into a nightmare when the plunger doesn’t work, and you don’t have specialized products.

No matter how careful we are, it is quite normal that, sooner or later, the kitchen sink got clogged.

They always end up slipping down the drain food scraps, oil, soap, dirt, and other elements that get stuck inside the pipe, and end up causing a plug.

There are traffic jams so strong that the plunger can’t handle them. There are specialty chemicals, but they are expensive, and you may not want to spend any money, or you were caught on Sunday and you cannot go buy them. What can we do?

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Luckily we can turn to homemade products that we can use to unclog a sink.

Actually, it’s like going back to school chemistry class again, because if we mix two very common ingredients that almost everyone has at home, there will be a chemical reaction that will dissolve the clog and unclog the sink.

In this viral video from TikTok we can see in a very visual way how it works. It is very fast and easy to implement!

As we can see, we only need two very common and cheap ingredients that almost everyone has at home, because they have infinite uses.

Is about white vinegar cleaning, and sodium bicarbonate. If you go to buy them, they will be cheaper than the products for unclogging pipes.

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As we see in the video, you just have to sprinkle sodium bicarbonate down the sink drain.

For a greater effect, you can try to insert it into the sink by pushing with a screwdriver or a Japanese toothpick, the kind used to eat Japanese food.

Next, pour a good stream of white cleaning vinegar over the baking soda.

The mixture of both products will produce a chemical reaction that will dissolve the dirt accumulated in the jam.

It’s a trick to unclog the sink pretty straightforward, worth trying if other things haven’t worked. Luck!